I have something that I need to tell you

Something that I want to share

But before I do, I need to know…

Do you even care?


You say you’ll be there

That you’ll never leave

Will you?

When you see the real me?


When my layers have all been peeled away

When I’ve been pushed into a corner, nowhere left to hide

Will you remember me?

And the promise that you made that day?


People walk away

They don’t care

Or understand

It scares them; I scare them; and I think it’s better this way


You say I mean something to you

That you will be my lifeline

But I think that you promised that in haste

Because when you see inside me, deep down, you’ll realize that being there is a waste


Maybe it’s better this way

I don’t know, maybe I should just stay out of your way

And go about with a smile

While all the while

I’m wishing I was dead


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