A Glorious Mess

Dear Diary,

I’ve been thinking about my two families – my biological one (to whom I am very close to) and my weird*** one that are made up of friends whom I’ve come to view as a second family.

My second family is really weird and a big mess – one’s like a responsible, straight forward, cheeky sister; another like a quirky, funny but probably the most mature of the bunch niece; and the other one…is a clumsy, childish, unidentifiable species that I’m responsible for (though he’ll tell you otherwise).

And then there’s me. Amongst the biggest joker and stirrer out of all of us…and I am the coolest person of the bunch πŸ˜„

Oh, and then there’s my both biological and WP brother J-M’s History Corner who is…an old grouchy nerd that thinks that he’s wittier and smarter than me. In his dreams!

We are, to put it bluntly, a mess.

But that’s what families are, aren’t they? A big, glorious mess.

Cause it takes all sorts to make a family – weirdos, geniuses, jokers, artists, the Grouches and the Serious Ones, the pranksters…and not to mention the riff-raff.

We all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. We all bring out the best (and worst) out of each other. And we can bang heads.

But that’s what makes us a family.

It’s not limited by whom you are related or married to.

It can be anybody.

And that’s why it’s such a wonderful mess.

And yes, the two families mentioned are mine πŸ™‚

To the two families: You can kill me now


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463 thoughts on “A Glorious Mess

      1. I was just thinking that that joke was just terrible…
        Just wait ’til you see a comedy skit I’ve got planned with myself and all my online friends – which includes you. If that’s okay?

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      2. Yes I would!!

        *puts hands on your shoulders and gives warm look* be loved little sister. Be loved. Now go forth and prosper.

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      3. I went and deleted them, so I actually don’t remember exactly what, but it was something to do with me and once it was something with a bikini.


      4. I didn’t say it was against me. Just a little joke you said about it when we were talking about it felt a little weird. I would tell you, but I don’t want to say it on here as this conversation is definitely getting weird.


      5. I can’t remember the name. It’s fairly new.
        I explained everything pretty clearly..

        ash you’re pretty!

        ash you’re pretty!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

        Big difference.

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      6. Thanks! I can’t believe I am about to finish that story! I’ve been working on it since sometime last year (I think maybe June or July last year) and I must say that it is a shock (but also a relief) to be nearing the end.

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      7. I’m hoping so. I’m not entirely sure. I found a contact page on his poetry blog, so sent him an e-mail through that to make sure, but haven’t received a reply.
        Why, as he said something since he and I last talked and reached a rough spot?

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      8. I know, but it was something that I didn’t want to say on any of his blogs. If he is still talking to me, I’ll try and wheedle out of him if we’re okay or not.
        How was your valentine’s day?

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      9. What’s now beginning?
        Today, I ended up having to cut off some people in my life who I had viewed as friends, but realized I needed to cut off, so I was a bit upset. But they weren’t upset. In fact, I dare say they might have been even happy about it. Which makes me wonder how bad a friend I really am to people. Then the thing with John happened, and when I apologised, he said ‘It’s ok’, but I keep getting the vibe that maybe that’s not entirely true (who knows? Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive) and now I’m thinking maybe I’m just not able to be a good friend to people, even though I’m trying.

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    1. Yeah, it is nice. And of course, whenever I get married and start a family of my own, I’ll have a third one πŸ™‚
      Yeah, there sure are! We all know each other very well – sometimes scarily so.

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      1. It doesn’t matter – so long as you love Him and try your best to serve Him, that’s what counts most. We’ll still accept you, nephew (I’m Lydia’s “aunt”, so if you’re her brother that makes you my nephew, too).

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      2. He likes to joke around, so may jokingly give you a hard time. He likes to mess with you, especially if you are friends.
        So be prepared.
        His bark is worse than his bite.

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      3. *rolls on the flour laughing* I don’t have a third family yet!! I have two – biological and WordPress, which he belongs to the WP one. The third family I was talking about is one I haven’t gotten yet – a husband and kids. John certainly isn’t part of THAT, just the WP one.

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      4. The eldest has a son who is about 15 years older than me if I remember correctly? I’ve been an aunt right from birth to people YEARS older than me and became a great-aunt at the age of 8.

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      5. Oh, I think I saw that. He had a long, long. long comment from someone bagging him about something, and was attacking Christians. J-M definitely can hold his own in an argument – I have to rely on him to help me in such things sometimes. I’m not too good when it comes to arguments, especially theological arguments.

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      1. It is a bit dark but still there’s the reality of something within us (sin). I love how you left the specific out. The literary value of that is neat to see, builds suspense and makes one reflective

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      2. πŸ™‚ wow, really? I’ve only been told once before that my work is thought-provoking, so I consider it a great honour when someone says that about my work. Thank you! I was hoping it would provoke thought. I had been thinking of stuff like mental illnesses and such when trying to describe the internal battle, but I did leave it open to interpretation.

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  1. Dear Little Sister………who says that I am the responsible one? Why do I have to be the responsible one? I am always the responsible one (insert stamping feet and pouting) As I arrived a little late for the dinner party I will have to go back over all the comments after work. And there are a lot of them. We sure are a yacky bunch. Cheeky oh yes and always ready to stir up a little bit of trouble. You forgot pretty. Intelligent. Mature. (giggle giggle giggle) Have to get ready for work. Have great day/evening sis! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Temper, temper *wags finger scoldingly*
      You struck me as the responsible one, next to Lydia.
      Yes, you are late. How could you?! We ended up having to eat all your dessert.
      On a serious note – glad that you finally arrived!!!!
      Have a great day!


      1. Yesterday, it hit me what I bad friend I am. I had to cut off some people in my life yesterday whom I thought of as friends. I was upset about doing it, but let’s just say that it needed to be done. And they weren’t bothered. In fact, I think some might be happy about it, and it was making me wonder if I really am a good friend after all?

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