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So, I saw this tag/challenge thingy on this post and thought I’d give it a go!

I’m supposed to give a pingback to the original Really You! post, so here it is:

Here are the following questions (which are all about time):

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If you had more time per day how would you best use it? Currently a day is 24 hours long, but if the day was 36 hours long so 12 hours longer – how would you occupy yourself?

I would probably use it to write more of my stories. It would be useful to have more hours as my studies (which I need to get around to doing right now) take up a lot of my day, so extra hours would be useful to do the things that the studies prevent me from doing.

Everyone says they don’t have enough time every day, each day everyway – so what is enough time per day – how much time would you need in your day to get everything done?

Well, I do my studies, spend time with my family, do chores, spend time on the computer chatting, I am also writing 9 stories, though that could be a gross miscalculation (you never know with me), and go out on my daily walk, and I actually manage to get time to myself each day somehow, so…*shrugs* I don’t know if I necessarily need the extra time, though it would be nice for those days when I desperately need it.

Arguments for and against the theory of time are never ending … Does time exist? Does time really move fast or slow? It doesn’t matter whether it exists or what speed it travels at – l think what matters is how we best use it in the first place … how we prioritise our use of time itself – so after all that – to the question …

Do you think that you prioritise your daily active time well and if not could you squeeze any further time out to your advantage? If you do – since you started prioritising your use of time – do you find your day easier?


I personally believe that time exists and that time – in fact, everything – will end one day. No, time doesn’t move fast or slow, only at a constant pace. It seems to move fast or slow when we are busy doing something or not doing anything. It’s not because it is moving any faster or slower than usual, but it’s our perception of it as we’re busy occupying ourselves with something that makes it seem that way.

I think I prioritize my time fairly well. Not always, but I generally do (though I also like to wing it and see what I can get done).

If you would like to participate in The Really You! please unsure that you ping back to the original post.

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