You Are Too Significant

Poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!


I saw a poem here discussing the fear that, in this vast universe, we are utterly and completely insignificant and that our lives don’t mean anything. So, I thought I would write one as a response to it.

Planets, comets, stars –

You can see them all from afar

Yet no-one seems to see you

Even if they’re looking straight at you

My dear, you mean more than you know

In everyone’s life, you sow

Just a little seed

That will one day sprout when they are in need

For I count all your hairs on your head

I even count the sparrow’s feathers as it goes to bed

And I keep all your tears close, you see

For you are special to Me

Everyone’s different, so are you

You are what makes you rare

You can admire all the stars in the view

But none of them have your…

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