In Memorial: Kirk Douglas


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I’m sure many of us have heard of this iconic and awesome actor, Kirk Douglas. He was one of those actors who is just awesome to watch in every single movie he’s in, much like his equally famous son, Michael Douglas.

Sadly, Kirk Douglas has passed away as of February 5th this year at the age of 103.

These people’s comments on Kirk say what I would like to say:

He was a great, great actor and by the sounds of it a great guy. He was always a joy to watch on screen to matter who or what he was playing. VERY talented. It’s amazing that he lived to 103. My condolences to his wife and family.

Danny DeVito
Kirk Douglas. The inspirational Scalawag. 103 years on this earth. That’s got a nice ring to it! Great hanging with you man.
10:36 AM · Feb 6, 2020·

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23 thoughts on “In Memorial: Kirk Douglas

      1. =P
        Also its neat to see you have also read another book the same kind I read to my kids recently, of what you perfectly called it as “‘pick-this-decision-turn-here-or-do-that-and-you-turn-here’” adventure.

      2. Yeah, it was cool. Though, if I remember correctly, it was a disaster/survival book, so it was really fun trying to pick the right decisions.

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