Overturned – Chapter 3

Hey, everybody! Sorry for the long delay with continuing writing this story – I needed to finish Winter Kill first. So, this story Overturned is the current novel on Racheal’s Novels that I’m going to be working on. You can read/reread the first two chapters by clicking here and here. To those who are newContinue reading “Overturned – Chapter 3”


Here is another writing prompt from Teresa’s Daily Writing Prompts: Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to find your inner survivalist and write your take on the Thriller subgenre of Disaster and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you. There are no word limits or requirements of any kind. Just see where theContinue reading “Disaster”

Mystery Blogger Award (Again)

Wow…I must be very famous! Or at least extremely well-liked. This is the third Mystery blooger Blogger Award that I’ve done in the last week or so (not counting the Sunshine Blogger Award as well). Anyway, Lydia from In His Service And Loving It has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thank you, Lydia!Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award (Again)”

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to harinapandya of Harina’s Blog for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I truly appreciate it! https://harinapandya.com/2020/02/25/sunshine-blogger-award-3/ Check out her blog – she’s quite good. What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The Sunshine Blogger Award is an unofficial award, it’s just as important because it imitates the good impact we have onContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

The Azren Chronicles: For The Love Of Sanity

Welcome to all my new followers! Previous books in the Azren Chronicles: The Azren Chronicles: The Trouble with Pies (And Why they Are Necessary) The Azren Chronicles: Winter Kill Nine Lives This is just a comedic one-shot set after Winter Kill and before the next novel in the Azren Chronicles. The previous blogger cast –Continue reading “The Azren Chronicles: For The Love Of Sanity”

Saying Goodbye

Standing here, shivering in the cold Watching you walk away All the things I never said, I now wish I had told Cause now I realize that you might not be here for another day   I’ve always had trouble telling you That I really, really care But I honestly do But I know thatContinue reading “Saying Goodbye”

I’ve been nominated for another award

I am so surprised! I did one Mystery Blogger Award just yesterday (one that was open for all to do) and today I have been actually nominated for the same award!!! Thank you theworkofadreamer for nominating me!!! Really appreciate it 🙂 THE RULES: Put the award logo on your blog Thank the blogger who nominatedContinue reading “I’ve been nominated for another award”

Saving Grace

Here is another event in the Bible that I wrote as a story. Hope you enjoy! “Hurry!” Tobias called over his shoulder as he hoisted the cot up a little further. “It already looks like there’s a crowd brewing!” Oh, please, please, please let us be able to get there in time! Cause his friend’sContinue reading “Saving Grace”

Mystery Blogger Award

So…I wasn’t nominated, but this award was left open for anyone to do, so…here it is. https://lifesfinewhine.com/2020/01/25/mystery-blogger-award-4/ The blogger, after leaving it an open nomination, said to use the same questions that she was asked. THE RULES: Put the award logo/ image on your blog. List the rules. Thank whoever nominated you, and put aContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

True Miracles

I had to take one of the events in the Bible and rewrite it in story fashion, so I thought I would share it with you 🙂 Enjoy! CAPERNAUM That week had been the most exciting and…unusual in Peter’s life. First, there had been the fish. And I mean, lots and lots of fish! SoContinue reading “True Miracles”