Inside Your Mind

I decided to take up Teresa’s writing prompt, which you can check out here: The prompt: Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to explore the future and the possibility of mind swapping. Write your take on the science fiction subgenre of Mind Transfer and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the prompt takesContinue reading “Inside Your Mind”

Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty-One

A big WELCOME to all my new followers!!! Thank you so much! Rue crouched down by the corner and peered around it. After checking, she quickly darted silently back to her’s and Britchy’s hiding spot. Touching a communicator that Stone had placed in her ear, she quickly whispered: “Guards by the door. Two standing onContinue reading “Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty-One”

As Fleeting As Smoke

Sorry that I haven’t been writing stories very much lately. Been caught up with a lot of things. I’m hoping to remedy that and write more. Please forgive me. THIS IS JUST A STORY WRITTEN IN DIARY FORM!!! January 3rd Dear Diary, I don’t know where to begin. I’m just really frustrated. With everything. WithContinue reading “As Fleeting As Smoke”

2019 Stats Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of this blog’s 2019 Stats (I had to divide it into two parts as it was getting so darn long). Also, if you want to check out the 2019 stats for my other blog, click here. Anyway, part 2 will be about my posts on Racheal’s Novels and theContinue reading “2019 Stats Part 2”

2019 Stats Part 1

VIEWS: 5,352 VISITORS: 2,436 LIKES: 2,606 COMMENTS: 1,404 BOOKS PUBLISHED: 7 The following is the list of countries that I got views from with the amount of views next to them: United States – 2,282 Australia – 1,058 India – 800 United Kingdom – 280 France – 120 South Africa – 100 Canada – 96Continue reading “2019 Stats Part 1”