Overturned – Chapter 2

Hey!!! Here I am with the second chapter of Overturned. You can read Chapter 1 by clicking here.


Covered in sand, ice-cream, and suffering from the after-effects of the chocolate chips, Mia stormed over to her brother’s car and yanked open the side door on the left passenger side where her towel, spare change of clothes and make-up bag were there amongst her brother’s stack of DC comic books and guitar.

She was a staunch Marvel fan, so the sight of those detestable comics sent her into an extra foul mood on top of running into her high-and-mighty ex-boyfriend. So, when she bent down to grab her towel and her clothes, her head bumped into the top of the car doorway, and she clutched her head, hot tears streaming down her face.

Why is the universe determined to humiliate me today?

“You okay?” she heard Sam call out as she ran over.

“I’m alright!!!” Mia snapped, turning to glare at him, then grabbed her stuff and stormed off to the Ladies. Wiping all the muck off of her face and shoulders, Mia quickly stripped and changed into clean clothes. Keeping hold of her towels and dirty clothes, she opened her cubicle and exited the Ladies.


She fell backwards onto her backside, her towel and clothes scattering everywhere. “Ow!” Mia cried out, looking up furiously. That’s it! I’m never coming to the beach again!!!! “Watch where you’re…where you’r…” Mia trailed off when she got a good look at the person who had bumped into her, completely forgetting about what she was going to say or what had happened over the past ten minutes.

Ohmygosh!!! He’s so handsome!!!

A tall man in a business suit and boasting a High Fade haircut leaned down and offered his hand. “I am so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going. Let me help you up,” he said, his voice as soft and smooth as honey, causing her stomach to drop when she heard it. Unable to speak, Mia could only nod and accept his outstretched hand positive that her mouth was gaping open, though she was too afraid to move to discover that this was all a dream concocted from the bump she had sustained when she had bumped her head earlier on the car and that she’d wake up in a hospital.

As soon as she was on her feet, he let go and went about retrieving her clothes and towel. Suddenly feeling embarrassed, Mia heavily berated herself. “Oh, don’t bother. It was just an accident,” she said, smiling sweetly at him when he raised his head to look at her as she spoke, causing her heart to get stuck in her throat. Quickly grabbing the last of her lost items, she went over and took the items of hers that he had retrieved out of his hands and subconsciously clutched them closer to her chest, though why she had no idea. “T-thank you,” she said, feeling like she was blushing madly from when their fingers brushed lightly when she took her stuff off of him.

He smiled and nodded. “You’re welcome. I just hope that you aren’t hurt,” he said, his smile being wiped off of his face and being instantly replaced with a genuinely concerned expression at the last remark of his.

“No!” she unintentionally shouted. “N-no, I mean, I’m fine,” she stuttered, feeling warm all over at the thought of someone like him caring about her well-being.

He nodded, looking relieved. “Again, I am so sorry,” he profusely apologised, taking a step back, looking like he was getting ready to go to wherever he had been heading when he bumped into her.

She couldn’t help but chuckle at how apologetic he was. So cute, she thought. “Don’t worry about it!” Mia told him “As I said, it was an accident.”

He nodded, and turned to leave. ” ‘Bye” he said over his shoulder as he left. She let out a happy sigh and watched him as he walked off to the beach’s cafe. That’s a bloody good business suit, she silently admired.


She gasped.

“The anniversary party!” she exclaimed to herself, clutching her hair with one hand while awkwardly jugging her stuff in her other hand. She turned and high-tailed it back to her brother’s car, who was tapping his foot, looking around impatiently for her.

There you are!” he called out as she came over. Mia yanked open the back passenger door and threw her dirty washing in there before shutting the door. “Dad just sent me a text saying that if we were late for his restaurant’s 20th anniversary celebration,  we’d be cleaning toilets for a month.”

“Oh, come on!” Mia exclaimed, climbing into the front passenger seat and buckling in. “That’s a little excessive, don’t you think?”

Sam shrugged as he eased into the drivers seat and buckled up, then started the engine. “I doubt he means it literally. He’s just been under a lot of stress recently, with all the criticism about the restaurant. This celebration is a make-it-or-break-it thing – if he can pull it off, people might just start coming in again, like they did when it first started. If not…” and Sam sighed and shook his head, not needing to finish that sentence. That is something that none of them wanted.

“So,” and Sam turned to Mia with a pointed look, “don’t snap at him, okay?”

Mia rolled her eyes. “Ookkkaaayyy,” she said in an exaggerated way, before slapping her knee. “Alright, let’s hit it before Dad really starts to mean his threats.”

So, yeah, I know that this is not the most original story and rather cheesy and predictable, but I’m a sucker for these soppy romance stories. I hope you are enjoying this and finding this funny, like it’s supposed to be (though whether or not I’m succeeding in that regard, I’m not really sure).

Have a great day/night!

Story prompt(s) that I included for this chapter: https://maplesswanderer.wordpress.com/2020/01/13/daily-writing-prompt-13/


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