Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty-two

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Ver’thad was led by the aliens to a large building and one of their escorts turned and said something to them in the aliens native language. He then turned to Winter and translated what the creature had said. “It’s their equivalent of America’s White House. This is where their ruler resides,” he whispered.

Winter craned her neck, taking in how it was the tallest and most extravagant-looking of the aliens city. “Subtle,” she quipped, causing Ver’thad to smile. He looked behind him and saw that Jones and Mooney being wrapped tightly up in the aliens’ tentacles and being taken away – Ver’thad presumed to a temporary cell until the time for the ritual sacrifices rolled by.

Shrugging, he then turned and followed their escorts into the aliens governmental building.


King Dritz burst into his throne room. “Alright! Someone tell me what’s happened to all the power?!” he demanded, all heads instantly turning to him at his tone of voice. “Why are we suddenly off the power grid?”

Someone cleared their throat and stepped forward. “We’re not sure, Your Majesty,” an Indian woman replied. “We suspect that it is a deliberate attack, but the variables in this situation also indicate that it is simply a system-wide failure. It is too soon to tell.”

“Alright,” Dritz muttered to himself. “Is there any way for us to get back online?” he questioned.

The Indian woman and this time a few other people shook their heads at that question. “No,” the Indian lady said. Dritz swallowed tightly. With their power grid completely off-line, that also meant that their defense systems were completely off-line as well as any communication with the rest of the solar system.

Just great.


Britchy cleared her throat. “So, when are Racquel and I getting to kick ass?” she enquired. Bond was silent for a moment as he pondered his answer, going over Stone’s plan once more in his mind.

“Soon. Once we land,” he replied. He then looked over his shoulder and momentarily looked at everyone. “Shall we go over the plan once more, just to be sure?”

Rue and the other two females nodded in agreement and Bond continued. “Once we get close enough, Britchy will start firing at the city below, making sure not to hit the prison compound where Stone says that Jones and Mooney are being held until the time for the sacrifices draws near, with Rue piloting, providing a distraction for myself and Racquel to teleport ourselves down to the planet’s surface and rescue Jones and Mooney, teleporting them back up into this ship with us. Once Britchy starts firing, Rue will sent a signal to Stone to let him know to carry out his end of the plan.” He paused there to study everyone else’s faces and make sure that they still remembered it and still understood it. Judging from the nods he received, they did. “And remember, no matter what happens, it is imperative that we are all well-away from this planet by the time that Stone shows up. Okay?”

“Okay,” the females acknowledged. Bond nodded, grateful that they all remembered and understood.

“Okay, then,” he said. “Let’s do this.”

This was meant to be an action chapter, but I feel that this is the best place to end this chapter.

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