Tick Tock

Do you guys remember that post I did last year in response to a prompt with this picture:

If you don’t, that’s fine. I did it three months ago. Anyway, here’s the link if you don’t remember: https://rachealnovel.wordpress.com/2019/10/01/tell-the-story-challenge/


That challenge I just gave the link to (from my site) is a preview to a book I’m going to write, and said book will be a sequel to ANOTHER book I’m going to write called Tick Tock which is a conspiracy/alien invasion/MAYBE thriller type story and after seeing this prompt (where the first image came from) I have decided to put up in response a section from the FIRST book Tick Tock that I have started writing.

Here’s where you can go check out the prompt: https://maplesswanderer.wordpress.com/2020/01/08/daily-writing-prompt-8/


“Can you detect any life signs?”

I thump the scanner and the screen goes blank. “Damn! There’s something in this building that’s messing with the scanner,” I report. “And it’s also just gone dead.”

“Bloody marvelous,” Thomàs Robinson curses under his breath. “Do we have any idea where she is?”

“No,” I reply. And that scares me. Where are you?

“Let’s keep moving,” a voice interrupts my thoughts. The speaker – Zara Roberts – slings a Laser Blaster over her shoulder. She looks at us, surprised that we’re not moving. “Come on! We’re not going to stop It if we’re just lollygaggin’ around worrying.”

Shouting her a glare, me and Thomàs follow her down the aisle, stepping over rubble and still burning debris. Our weapons constantly sweep the area.

My foot bumps something.

I look down.

A black, charred heap lies at my feet.

I cock my head. It’s a strange shape. No. Shapes. What…?

A body.

Human body.

I recoil.

Vomit spews out of my mouth.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my already grime covered hand. I spy a name tag around what I presume is the body’s neck, but I quickly hurry after the others. I’ve seen too much already. It’ll be worse if I know that the body’s name. Then it’ll become a person – a person who probably has a wife and children – instead of just one face amongst the many who came before us three. It’s easier if the person simply fades into obscure oblivion. It might be cruel, but it’s a lot easier.

Zara and Thomàs slowly open a metal door. My muscles tense. If It has done anything to her, I will kill It.

I slowly slide my Laser Blaster off my shoulder and into my hands. I relax as I feel the cool metal in my hands.

A hand rests on my shoulder.

I turn my head and my eyes meet Zara’s hard amber eyes.

She mouthes something to me.

Robert, look.

I look around the door.

There, bathed in faint blue light, is Igétis.

My hand’s clench.

My blood boils.

Without thinking, I raise my Blaster and pull the trigger.


Someone slams into me from the side and tackles me to the floor.

“Let me at it! Let me rip it apart!”

It takes me a minute to realize that it’s me shouting.

Thomàs wrestles the Blaster out of my hands. “We need Igétis alive!” he shouts.

I don’t hear him.

Raw anger and terror for her flows through me. All I can hear is her – her voice. Her laugh. Her scream as she was taken.

I swing a fist at his face.

He blocks it and punches me in the jaw.

Pain seeps through my face and quickly spreads. My jaw seizes and only then do I hear what he is saying.

“If you kill it now, we’ll never find Azalea!”

His words are like a punch to the gut. I slowly push myself to my feet, feeling very ashamed of my actions. How could I do this?

I take a shaky breath and look over at Igétis.

What!? How is that possible?

It isn’t there.

It’s vanished.


“I’m everywhere,” a voice hissed. “Everywhere and nowhere.”

The sinking revelation hits me like a slap to the face.

It had been only a hologramme.

And I’ve wasted some ammunition.

“Good boy, Robert,” the sleek and smug voice continued. “With that laser you fired at ‘me’, you destroyed the computer that had Azalea’s location on it.”

“You bastard!”

“Yes, I am, aren’t I? I would love to stay and chit-chat a while longer, but unfortunately there’s a pressing engagement.”

“What pressing engagement?” Thomàs enquires.

A terrifying chuckle echoes around the room. “I’m afraid your mistaken. I don’t have any pressing engagements. You do, though.”

“What?” is all I can think to say.

“There are explosives planted throughout the building you three are in. In about ten minutes’ time, the building you are in will explode, along with all the building’s in a kilometre radius…along with Azalea.”


“That’s right. Azalea’s somewhere in the radius. You have nearly ten minutes to find her and try to escape before the bombs go off.”

“That’s-that’s impossible!! This is the Empire State Building! How are we going to find her in here, let alone in the radius you’ve given us AND escape in under ten minutes?” I shout.

“That’s your problem.”


“Tick tock, Mr Robert. Your girlfriend is waiting.”

The book Tick Tock will be coming out at some point – I’m not sure when as it’s one where I have to sit down and write THEN edit while with all the other books I’ve published, I simply had to edit. Sorry 🙂


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