Overturned – Chapter 1

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I sadly don’t have time to update Winter Kill, so I’m going to do a few one-shots in response to a few writing prompts I’ve seen on the WP that are scheduled to be posted this week in my absence (though this particular post isn’t in response to a writing prompt).

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

Mia let out a content sigh and flopped down onto the sand, letting the seawater tickle her toes. “Having fun?” her big brother, Sam, smirked as he began spreading out the blankets.

She propped herself up onto her right elbow, twisting the upper half of her body around to look back at him with a smile. “Hell, yeah! I’m getting a two week break from work!” And she pushed herself to her feet. “I need an ice-cream. I’ll be right back!”

And with that, she practically ran over to an ice-cream cart someone had on the beach and skidded to a stop when she saw that there was a long line waiting for ice-cream.


She went to the back of the line and began waiting.

Mia leaned sideways. When will this line be over? She began tapping her foot.


She froze.

That silky voice that used to cause her knees to quake.

She whirled around, fixing him with a death-glare. “What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing. Here?!” She was keeping her voice low so that no-one else would overhear them annnddd also trying to keep her eyes only on his face. From the glance that she had accidentally gotten when she whirled around, he had obviously been working out a lot.

He smirked at her outburst, which really prickled her. He has the nerve to suddenly up tail and leave me without no word for THREE YEARS and then be amused at my reaction when he finally shows up?!

What a jerk!

“Getting ice-cream. What about you?”

Mia let out a huff and turned around and was relieved to see that it wouldn’t be long before it was her turn to get ice-cream and then she could leave and never have to see his utterly handsome completely ugly mug ever again.

He didn’t seem to perturbed by her refusal to talk to him and simply stood there waiting. She kept shooting discreet glances behind him, suddenly worried about the sudden silence. Where’s his usual witty retorts?

The person infront of her left with her ice-cream and Mia practically bolted forward. “Hi, how can I help you?” the man, giving her a friendly, yet slightly concerned smile. Realizing that she probably looked like she was frothing at the mouth, she quickly pulled herself together and gave him her usual winning smile.

“Heart attack medication,” the obnoxious man behind her quipped. She turned around and mouthed I’ll deal with you later and turned back to the ice-cream man, but not before catching her ex’s eager grin and mouthed response of Sure you will.

The nerve of him.

“Uh, I’ll have…” What was it? How could I forget my favourite ice-cream?

“Was it…caramel ice cream?” her ex – Charlie –  said with a cheeky grin.


Why does his presence have to cause me to forget everything?

Like the fact that there was a new line-up gathering right behind her and Charlie.

Damn him.

“I’ll have a mint ice-cream with chocolate chips, please,” she ordered, determined to not give Charlie the satisfaction. The ice-cream man sighed, nodded, and began to get to work.

She heard someone step over to her and kept her eyes riveted on the ice-cream cart, knowing who it would be. “But,” Charlie whispered in her ear with a smug and amused voice and she flinched when she felt her skin tingle at the feel of his breath on her skin, “doesn’t chocolate chips give you gas?”

She could have wept.

When the man handed her her ice-cream, she slapped the money into his hand, grabbed the ice-cream and stormed off, not even noticing that she had already eaten half of the ice-cream in one go, nor taking notice of how freezing her head now was.

“See you later, Mia!” Charlie called out.

She let out a yelp as she tripped over a seashell and landed face-first into the sand.

Unfortunately, that meant her ice-cream was now smeared all over her face as well.

I’m gonna’ kill him.

So…that may not have been my best, but I will be continuing this when I finally get back either on Saturday (my time) next week or in two weeks time. Hope you enjoy!


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