The Suffocating Darkness

I will be updating Winter Kill soon, but I saw this picture:

And it INSTANTLY spoke to me and I had to write this poem inspired by it! You can check out the post where I found it by clicking here. Anyway, enjoy!

Please stop asking if I’m okay

Cause I don’t know what to say

Or how to explain

What I feel, the constant pain


Inside I’m full of clapping thunder

Raging seas

And continual wonder

At why this is happening to me


But outside I’m full of smiles

Constant laughter

As I hide my trials

And succumb to my dark master


I’m disintegrating everyday

As I desperately search for a single ray

That’ll tell me that all’s okay

Before I’m finally fade away


But occasionally my mask will crack

And I suddenly lack

The will to lie

As you all want to pry


I need your hand

To guide me through

This death-ridden land

I just don’t know how to ask you

By the way, next week, I will be extremely busy, so will not be able to do any posting nor too much writing, if any. So, I will try to do as much as I can over this weekend and get them scheduled to be posted next week. Just letting you know.

Have a great day/night!


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