Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty-One

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Rue crouched down by the corner and peered around it. After checking, she quickly darted silently back to her’s and Britchy’s hiding spot. Touching a communicator that Stone had placed in her ear, she quickly whispered: “Guards by the door. Two standing on either side. A third standing infront, but a few feet away from the door.”

“You still got it?” Racquel asked, his voice crackling over the comms.

Rue turned to look at Britchy, who held it up in her hands in response to Rue’s questioning look.

She touched her comms. “Affirmative.”

“Roger that. Alright, let’s go.”

Rue heard a few shouts and then…silence.

“B, R,” Bond‘s voice came over the comms. “All clear.”

Rue and Britchy rose and quickly ran back to the door Rue had checked out and saw the three guards in a pile on the floor with Bond and Racquel standing nearby, still in battle-ready poses. Racquel turned and looked up, straight at a security camera and gave it a thumbs up.

A second later, there was a click! and the door slid open with a hiss. The four of them ran in and saw rows and rows of Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirits that had been modified for space flight, Skylons, and a whole wide variety of space-craft in the hangar.

“Woah,” Bond said.

Stone breathed a sigh of relief as he slumped back into the chair. He had gone into the Main Control where other subordinates of Ver’thad’s where running around, organising everyone for the oncoming strike.

He had then realised that the virus had taken effect.

He wasn’t on that detail. He had no access to that area. Only the specific few that Ver’thad had in charge while he was gone had access.

So, while he couldn’t stop it, he quietly took over control of the security cameras and put them all in a specific time loop so that no-one would see Bond, Racquel, Britchy and Rue. And he made sure that the time loop was absolutely unnoticeable.

“Alright,” Bond muttered under his breath. “1…2…3…there it is,” and he pointed towards a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. The four of them ran towards it and the ramp lowered as they neared, courtesy of Stone.

Clambering inside, the ramp automatically lifted up, shutting them in. They made their way to the cockpit and sat in their respective seats – Rue and Bond as the pilots, Britchy and Racquel as the Shooters.

Now they just had to wait for the hangar doors to open.

Stone surreptitiously glanced over to the control booth next to him – the one that controlled the hangar. He had hoped that the person in there would duck out long enough for him duck in and open the hangar doors; but now that didn’t seem likely.

The radio crackled. “Spirit 5, this is Booth 6. please repeat the clearance code.”

Rue glanced over at Bond, before answering. “Y-8-4-R-T,” she answered. Stone, your code had better be correct. Stone had told them that there was a specific code that all pilots had to say before leaving the ship and had told them what it was in the very likely scenario that he wouldn’t manage to get to the control booth for the hangar.

“Code is correct.” Rue was relieved, but remembered Stone’s warning about more questions to come. “Please state mission number and alphabetical equivalent.”

“1294576/ABIDEGF,” Rue answered.

There was a slight pause as the person was probably double-checking their answer. “All clear.” The hangar doors (which were right underneath the spacecraft they were in) slid open. There was a hum outside as the magnetic locks that held the spacecraft in place were turned off and their spacecraft dropped through, the engines automatically turning on as soon as they exited Ver’thad’s spaceship.

They would have just gone through the portal, but it was only open inside Ver’thad’s spaceship and to do Stone’s plan, they needed a large spaceship, which the portal wasn’t large enough to contain. So, instead they decided that they would do a Hyper Jump to get to planet Enktir Liwl.

“Co-ordinates locked in,” Bond announced.

Rue nodded. “Everybody ready?” she asked.

“Yep,” the other three said in unison.

Leaning forward, Rue lifted a plastic cover on the console and pressed the button underneath.

They were all pressed against their seats for a few seconds as the ship built up speed before doing the Jump.

In what seemed like a split-second, they soon found themselves over Enktir Liwl. Flying over the planet, they soon found the spot where the portal had been open to and began their descent to the planet’s surface. “Britchy, Racquel, get ready to kick their asses,” Bond instructed them.

“Gotcha,” Racquel and Britchy confirmed.

Rue quickly tapped her communicator – three short taps and one long press or a ‘V’ – which sent a secret signal to Stone to let them know that they had arrived.

She then pressed another button and a holo-list of the ship’s playlist appeared. Scrolling through, Rue quickly found the one she wanted and pressed ‘play’.

Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah began playing. Rue began tapping her foot along to the beat, raising her left hand above her head as she started bobbing along to the music as she helped pilot the ship.

“What…the…f***?!” Britchy exclaimed.

“Shh,” Bond replied, “an idiot’s at work.”

As much as he thought Rue was a bit spacey at times, he began secretly tapping his foot along to the music.

Not bad, Rue. Not bad.


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