Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty

Wow – I never expected this story to stretch into twenty (possibly twenty+) chapters. Hope none of you mind. I just realised that I made a contradiction – when referring to the alien species that live on the planet in two different chapters, I accidentally in each chapter used a different name for the species: the Praxasigix and the Enktir Liwlians. Sorry about that. I have changed it to stick to the name Enktir Liwlians. Enjoy!

After landing, Ver’thad stepped off the hover board and made his way over to the Enktir Liwlians who were approaching angrily. Before he could say anything, one of the aliens lashed out with one of it’s tentacles protruding from it’s head and Ver’thad suddenly found himself entangled in the tentacle and being yanked into the air.

Suddenly, the creatures face was only centimeters from his. Ignoring the putrid smell that wafted off the creature’s slime-secreting skin, Ver’thad opened his mouth. “I am Ver’thad,” he began. “I have a meeting with Praxasigix, your leader.”

As it’s three nostrils blasted feces-smelling air on him, another tentacle reached forward and, grabbing hold of the edge of Ver’thad’s mask, pulled it off. It’s eyes squinted as it peered at his face. It then nodded and turned to the others, shouting something in their native language. It then lowered Ver’thad to the ground and it and the others all stepped back, allowing Ver’thad to go through. Finally. He motioned for Winter to follow him and then motioned toward Jones, and Mooney. “Take ’em,” he told the Enktir Liwlian soldiers. “I’ve got business to attend to.”

Stone reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a flat, circular disc. Pressing a button on the side, an image of a telephone ringing was projected out of it. “This is your proof,” he said to them all. The ringing stopped and a holo-projection of King Dritz’s face appeared. He could see the startled but still very suspicious expressions on their faces

“What is it, Stone?” Dritz asked, glancing to him and then the others.

“This is a trick of some sort,” Bond said, glaring at Stone. “How do we know that this isn’t something you created to trick us into believing you?”

Stone decided to stay silent and let Dritz do the talking. “No, actually, this is real, Bond,” Dritz said.

“Prove it,” Britchy stated firmly, crossing her arms across her chest.

Dritz chuckled. “December 25th, last year,” he stated, stressing the last two words. “Do you want that going public?”

Britchy really paled and muttered something along the lines of ‘No bloody way – I lost a lot of money to you trying to make you keep that shit-prank of mine quiet’. She then turned to the others and said, “This is genuine,” her voice making it quite clear that exactly what had occurred on that dated was NOT going to be discussed. AT ALL.

The others still looked somewhat skeptical, but they now seemed to be more willing to hear him out.

“What is he meant to be?” Racquel asked Dritz. “A mole for you? A double agent?”

“A mole,” was Dritz’s reply. “That I sent. But he wasn’t able to get close enough to be able to figure out what was happening. We caught a break when you lot entered the scene.”

“So,” Rue began, “what’s your plan of action, you two?”

The Virus Bots about the size of a speck of dust leaked out of the data chips in Planet Azren and began slipping through their electronic system, turning off all their technology – including their communications and defense system – leaving Azren completely helpless.

A little communication device implanted in Ver’thad’s ear vibrated silently, letting him know that someone was calling him. Yes? he mentally answered.

The virus has taken effect. Systems compromised.

Excellent! After we’re finished here, we can proceed.

Things couldn’t be better.

So this won’t be the second-to-last chapter like I planned. I just wanted to get this one up as I hadn’t done one in a while and I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate and didn’t want you guys to wait too long for a post. Hope you enjoyed!


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