This is Goodbye

That’s how I feel right now writing this announcement. But, as Winnie the Pooh wisely says:

But as another quote points out: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

So, with that in mind, I now have the strength to say Goodbye to the Zion trilogy.

I have published the LAST book in the Zion trilogy – Zion: War of Thrones. And I have to say good-bye again. Now, last time I did on January 1st of this year, it was an ecstatic good-bye like ‘hurrah! It’s over!’ Or more accurately, like Will Smith’s and Jeff Goldblum’s good-bye to the aliens in the mothership in the first Independence Day.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED writing the Zion trilogy, but the first time over, I was relieved to be finally finished so that I could finally write other stories. BUT, the second time over, with all the editing and getting more deeply involved with the characters and plot and everything, this good-bye is a sad and nostalgic one.

I’m actually going to miss being able to write in Zion‘s world. And I’ll miss the characters. The characters that were the most fun to write were the villains. Discovering their motives, hidden agendas, their pasts, plans, etc., – it was such freakin’ fun! I love them, even though they are evil.

But, of course, I also loved writing the protagonists – a.k.a. the good guys. I loved writing their struggles and challenges, and dealing with some personal stuff – I didn’t want to make them perfect. I wanted the good guys to be human, flawed, relatable. And, especially the second time round, I LOVED writing their journeys and I hope I did them justice.

But most of all, I loved you guys. Your support is much appreciated and was sometimes very much needed. I so loved coming on and seeing your guys comments about the trilogy and how you were anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Your comments were like a tonic – they boosted my confidence, and each time I got a new comment, or like, or follower – it was like a challenge had been issued. A challenge to try and write even better, and I think I more often than not rose to the challenge (though, sometimes I missed).

THANK YOU guys so much for being there. I really love you guys πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

Anyway, enough with my rant πŸ™‚ here’s what the e-book version’s cover of Zion: War of Thrones looks like:


The Zion saga comes to an epic conclusion in Zion: War of Thrones – the final battle between good and evil.
On the run, Anastasia comes across the mysterious Shadow and Doc and joins the rebellion.
The Zionists are pushed to their edge as they embark on their deadliest mission yet: to destroy the Omega Order.
Meanwhile, ancient bloodlines awaken in a final war for power.
The earth is gripped in turmoil as they prepare for…
A War of Thrones.

Where the e-book versions are available:














The paperback version of Zion: War of Thrones front and back cover:

Where it is available:









For those concerned, Zion: War of Thrones is still very much the same as when you read it on my blog – except for some extremely minor edits – such as spelling and grammar and such. J-M’s History Corner had pointed out one huge flaw that I had in the last couple chapters, so I corrected that – but it doesn’t effect any of the story AT ALL.

Once again, THANK YOU guys and I have gotten a lot of new followers!

Welcome new followers…

84 thoughts on “This is Goodbye

    1. I’m just sad because I’ve always viewed the Zion trilogy as my best work and all other stuff as nice at best. Hopefully whatever comes next will be quite good as well.

      1. Well at first I thought it was Rue. Then I thought it was Racheal. Now there’s Ash…..

        I just don’t know anymore! 😩

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