My First Comic Strip!!!

So, I’ve drawn my first comic strip!! It actually turned out better than I expected (for my first comic strip). It’s about when Gabriel informed Zechariah that Zechariah’s wife Elizabeth was going to have a baby. So, I decided that I would show you guys.

WARNING: I actually had to scan it onto the computer, but unfortunately, it’s not a very good scan as I was using an A3 sized paper. It’s hard to read, but those who know the story should be able to identify it from the pictures. I hope anyway. 🤞🤞(I had to do two scans to capture the whole thing. You read it from left to right, so you’ll have to go down to the second scan to read all of the top section, then go back to the first scan and start from the bottom row and finish it by continuing onto the bottom row on the second scan. Sorry about that).



It looks a lot better in person, trust me. Sorry that I wasn’t able to show you the whole thing in one and that you couldn’t read it very well. It’s the scan’s fault.

Hope you liked my first comic.

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