Kids – Oy vey

The following short story is based on an experience of my own with my youngest sibling. I will be embellishing and exaggerating the occasional thing to make it more funny – but that’s what people do when writing stories. Enjoy!

“Mum! Muum!

I keep my eyes closed, hoping he’ll think I’m asleep and go bother someone else. It’s nearly eleven o’clock at night! And yes – everyone’s ‘mum’ to him. Except Dad.

He hugs my right arm and tries to tug me off my bed. Then his fingers begin poking my closed eyes, trying to lift up my eyelids.

“Alright! I’m up, I’m up,” I yawn and wearily sit up, rubbing my eyes. He – the little scoundrel – jumped up and down, laughing with pride. Ughh! “What do you want now?” In response, he grabs my hand and points toward the lounge.

Why, God, why?

I blearily stand up and allow him to take me to the lounge. Turning on the light, I squint in the sudden change in light and wonder for the thousandth time why he’s still awake at this ungodly hour. “Why don’t you ask Mum?” I ask him before remembering that Mum is fast asleep in bed, having given up on trying to get him to go to sleep.


“So, what do you want? To watch a movie?”

He frowned at me. “No!” and with that he drags me over to the toy boxes and begins dumping the toys out. Sigh. I sit down and play with him for a few minutes.

“Enjoying yourselves?” one of my older brothers asks casually. What? Looking up, I see the person who spoke was sitting at the computer. He’s still up? My younger brother who dragged me out of bed makes some intelligible noise and runs over to my other brother and begins making excited gestures, pointing to the toys and then our older brother.

There is a god!

I quietly stand up and very, very carefully tiptoe back into my room and under the quilt. I close my eyes. Yes!

Fingers poke my face. “Mum!” he says reproachfully.

Oy vey…

Note: It wasn’t really at eleven at night – more like nine or ten. I exaggerated the time for humorous purposes. And no, my younger brother who insisted I be up with him instead of letting me sleep did not even realize that I had snuck back to bed.

Don’t get me wrong –  I love my siblings. But anyone who has a sibling(s) or is a parent will understand that they can be a bit trying at times.


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