Winter Kill – Chapter Nineteen

Welcome to all my new followers! Sorry that I haven’t updated this story sooner – I’ve been feeling lazy about getting around to this particular storyūüė≥ Plus this is an explanatory chapter, so I have to make sure that it doesn’t suck. Hope you all enjoy! P.S. – in the past few chapters we haven’t had so much of Britchy fun like in some of the earlier chapters in this story, so I’ll be trying to do more of that in this chapter.

Ver’thad quietly watched the two as they descended towards the clouds still far below. The Prime Minister glared at him, never taking his eyes off of Ver’thad. Ver’thad was honestly not surprised, considering the man’s audacity to defy his precise instructions earlier. Ver’thad had been perfectly clear – once Britchy, Racquel, Bond and Rue had arrived in Photoria, Mooney was to send them to Iota Parada where Winter and Stone were meant to lead them to the Polychora and into a trap where the foursome would be kidnapped.

And Mooney had been faithful…up to that point.

But Ver’thad had made the mistake of underestimating the recent addition to the gang – but that had been Mooney’s fault. Mooney¬† had assured him that Britchy wouldn’t be a hindrance to his plan – well, that was a load of bull. Because of her, they were able to escape and Ver’thad had intercepted a call from Racquel to Mooney asking for back-up and Mooney had provided them with an escape route where they would get away from Ver’thad’s men…temporarily, at least.

But his men had done their job and now the foursome were in his custody along with his rogue agent – Mooney.

“What were you planning to do with it, Mooney?” Ver’thad said, breaking the silence. Mooney’s expression didn’t change, though he did talk.

“Something better than what you intended!!” Mooney spat. “At least I wouldn’t have created a war!!!”

Ver’thad noticed that Jones¬†was listening¬†attentively. “A war that would have fixed a lot of the world’s problems!”

“By wiping out humanity?” Mooney said incredulously. “How is that fixing it?”

Ver’thad shrugged. “It gives me – and the Enktir Liwlians¬†– a clean slate to start over.”

Bond¬†listening to the raging arguments that had been going on for a few minutes now ever since Stone had declared he was on their side. “May I interject here?” he asked. Everyone fell silent and looked at him. “Stone, if you are as innocent as you claim,” Bond began, “why haven’t you freed us yet?”

All heads turned to Stone.

“Because she’ll,” and Stone pointed to Britchy, “jump me before I have a chance to prove myself.”

Bond turned to Britchy. “Don’t do anything until we know for certain – one way or the other. Okay?”

Her shoulders sagged and she pouted. “Okay,” she said in dramatic resignation. “But, if he’s guilty, he’ll have cockroaches crawling up his pants for Christmas.”

Rue¬†turned to Stone and nodded. “Okay, go ahead.” Stone came over and began unlocking their chains. It took him a few minutes as his hands kept twitching and shaking in nervousness. As Rue took her hands out, she rubbed her wrists as Stone freed Racquel¬†and the other two. “Alright,” Rue said once they were all free. “Let’s hear it.”

“A clean slate?!” Mooney growled. “For what? Reptilians and other aliens to repopulate the universe? What possible benefit could you get from that?”

“Well, what possible benefit would there be from you using the Polychora to power your new thermonuclear missiles that you’ve been creating?” Ver’thad shouted back. Jones flinched, both eyes¬†watching the two like a hawk, hoping for a means of escape.¬†“Don’t think I don’t know about them. Is that why you want the Polychora? Hmm? To play God?”

“You’re one to bloody talk!!!” Mooney retorted.

Winter cleared her throat, momentarily silencing the two. “We’re coming into land,” she rather tentatively announced.


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