Another Comic Strip of Mine

I will be doing another chapter of Winter Kill at some point...I'm just having a mental blank about what to do. Anyway, I had to create two more comic strips for schoolwork (who know schoolwork could be so much fun?) and thought that I would share them with you guys. Enjoy! Second comic: BTW, I'll … Continue reading Another Comic Strip of Mine

My First Comic Strip!!!

So, I've drawn my first comic strip!! It actually turned out better than I expected (for my first comic strip). It's about when Gabriel informed Zechariah that Zechariah's wife Elizabeth was going to have a baby. So, I decided that I would show you guys. WARNING: I actually had to scan it onto the computer, … Continue reading My First Comic Strip!!!

Where Did the post go?

Some of you may have noticed that the post I had done has disappeared. Well, that's because it was a glitch - I hadn't meant to post it just yet, but in a few hours. Please forgive my clumsiness and it will be up in about three hours. I apologize for the inconvenience.