Crystal Clear

Snow lazily drifted down and tickled his nose.

It was crystal clear – he just didn’t want to believe it.

A cold wind blasted his face. He bent over on the bench seat, wrapping his arms tightly around himself, wishing it was her arms instead.

But that’s not gonna’ happen. She made that quite clear when she packed her suitcase.

But even then, it didn’t seem real. Even then, he realised that he had simply expected her to come back.

“Meet me by the Oak Tree,” he had said just before she slammed the door shut. “I’ll be there.” It was where they had first met, had their first kiss. It was where he was now sitting on a park bench where he intended to apologise and – hopefully – start over.

But she wasn’t here.

And he was shivering uncontrollably.

He should leave and get warm. He knew this. But, what if she came while he was gone and decided he had pulled another trick on her – albeit, not as bad as hiding his affairs.

He had still held onto the hope – fragile as it was all along – that she would somehow appear and forgive him.

But now, sitting here in the ever-falling snow and bitter wind, it had become crystal clear.

She was never coming back.

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