I don’t own Star Wars or Beauty and the Beast or any of it’s do I own the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast remake. I’m simply having fun and doing a Star Wars parody of Evermore as I couldn’t resist after watching a Star Wars parody of Let It Go. Picture it from Vader’s perspective as he’s dying in that scene in Return of the Jedi…and feel free to have a laugh.

I was the best of the Jedi

I was the master of the Force

But then I lost the love of my life

So, I let the Dark Side run my course

I’ll never shake away the pain

I close my eyes but she’s still there

Believing that there’s still good in me

It’s more than I can bear

Now I know she’ll never leave me

Even as my breath runs away

The Force will still torment me

Calm me, hurt me

Move me, come what may

Wasting in my lonely tower

Telling myself that what I’ve done is right

I’ll fool myself, Kenobi will walk right in

And tell me that he’s forgiven me for evermore

I rage against the temptation of the Force

I curse the Emperor as he falls toward the light

Though salvation has flown so far beyond my reach

Hope is never out of sight

Now I know Luke’ll never leave me

Even as I fade away

Padme will still inspire me

Be a part of everything I do

Wasting in the Emperor’s services

Telling myself Palpatine’s right

I’ll fool myself, Padme will walk right in

And as the darkness settles in

I think of all that might’ve been

Hoping for evermore

Again, I stress that I do not own anything Star Wars/Beauty and the Beast/Disney related AT ALL, nor am I claiming to. Just having fun as a FanFiction writer. Hope you had a good laugh.

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