Little People

This short story is inspired by something that I saw when going out for a walk the other day. I happened to look down and I saw this small piece of wood – only like two or three centimeters big – and it was shaped like a high-heeled boot! It was lying on road, too. And I instantly started fantasizing a story about it and how it got there, so thought that I would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. – the woman in the picture below is called Dylena (in this story – I got the picture from Just to make sure we’re clear.


Dylena sighed and rested her head in her hands. A half-smile tickled her mouth as she thought of her mother’s reaction to her slouching. Or the fact that Dylena had her own pet wolf out without a leash. In her kingdom, they kept them and the dragons on a leash until they were broken in – which was done at a big tournament that would take place in a couple weeks.

“But you’re already tame,” she whispered, nuzzling her nose into her wolf’s ear. “Aren’t ya’, Ulv?”

There was a loud clapping sound coming from up above. Dylena craned her neck back as she raised her eyes to the sky, blocking out the glare from the sun with her right hand. I bet it’s Jaz, she thought. Sure enough, she saw a dragon swooping down from up above, it’s wings making gusts of wind and clapping noises as they broke the sound barrier once again.

Dylena found herself knocked onto her back by another gust of wind, Ulv thrown onto her face. She pushed him off, coughing up hairballs as she did. Shuddering after she finished expectorating, she pulled her hood back and watched as her sister and best friend Jaz carefully guided the dragon as it came into land. The dragon stretched out it’s talons as it tried to anchor itself in the ground. It skidded and tumbled…

…and crashed right into the outhouse.

Well, she’s…getting better. Dylena shook her head with a rueful smile as an light olive-skinned brunette in a glossy black suit crawled out, tugging her cape out from underneath the dragon’s tail. Jaz. Typical. The brunette’s head shot up as Dylena came over and a sheepish look crossed her face. “Promise not to tell Matr and Pater?”

“I won’t have to. They’ll see it for themselves,” Dylena pointed out as she rolled her eyes. Jaz pouted. She’s such a baby, Dylena thought.

“What are we going to do?” Jaz muttered.

You’re going to first make sure that your dragon isn’t injured in any way. Then you’re going to explain to Matr and Pater what happened and then you’re going to pay for the repairs and pay for it.”

Jaz looked alarmed and even scuttled backwards a little. Dylena lifted a smug eyebrow. “And what are you gonna’ do?” Jaz questioned. Dylena resisted the urge to slap her forehead. Jaz could be quite stupid when she wanted to be.

And stubborn.

“Watching you while eating popcorn. You doing work is always quite entertaining,” Dylena teased with a grin to let her sister know that she was just having fun.

Jaz rolled her eyes. “You’d have to go raid the giants’ kitchens for that. And even then, the kernels would be too large for any of us to eat.”

Dylena pursed her lips and nodded. If they didn’t get squished by the giants first. “What in Thor’s Hammer were you doing taking Zessfar,” and Dylena inclined her head towards Jaz’s pet dragon, “out all night? Where the heck were you?”

Jaz pushed herself to her feet. “Did Matr and Pater notice?”

Dylena shook her head. “No. They’ve been too busy with organising the renovations to the Council Hall to pay any attention to such things.” She then noticed that Jaz was missing one of her black boots, which her sister loved more than anything. “Wh-where’s your boot?” and she pointed at Jaz’s bare foot.

Jaz shrugged. “I got caught in a spider web and when trying to get me and Zessfar free before the spider got to us…I guess I must have lost my shoe.”


Thank heaven that the Magi had designed their boots and any other items that could become lost to immediately appear like a leaf or wood, etc., to the giants while to them it would still look normal. This was done so that they’re existence would never be discovered.

Dylena then fixed her sister with a look that Jaz knew meant that she had better be forthcoming or else. “Where. Were. You?”

Jaz sighed. “I was watching the Homers house.”

The Homers were a family of giants that were nearest to their little village. Thankfully, they were invisible to them. The giants were even oblivious to their dragons and wolves – for some strange reason, they called the dragons bees, birds, or flies. I mean, isn’t it obvious that they are dragons? And the wolves were disgracefully called insects.

I mean, seriously, how naive is that?

“Why,” Dylena continued, “were you by the Homers house?” Jaz blushed. Ohhh. “It’s never gonna’ happen with him, you know? He’s too big.” She tried not to smirk at Jaz’s indignant expression as Jaz poked out her tongue. “So, are you gonna’ get moving or do I have to kick your butt?”

Jaz’s shoulders slumped. “Fine.”

The most pointless and most likely stupidest story that I’ve ever written, but it’s just harmless fun that came into my mind after spying an oddly-shaped piece of wood and wanted to share. Hope it was okay and that you enjoyed it.

Matr is Latin for ‘mother’ and Pater is Latin for ‘father’. Thought it was appropriate for the medievalish, fantasy setting.

Have fun!


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