Winter Kill – Chapter Sixteen

Here I am with another chapter of Winter Kill – finally. Hope you enjoy this chapter!

On with the story!

Ver’thad stooped down and squinted at one of the many computer’s that surrounded him. Good, he thought. Everyone’s there. He frowned as his eyes locked on Mooney, who was just starting to stir, along with Jones. Well, both are going to get their just desserts.

He turned to another computer and punched in a code and Winter’s face appeared on the screen. She had a black mask covering the lower half of her face once again and was dressed in dark blue skinny jeans and a khaki jacket that was mostly zipped up except that the flaps were open at the top. Her hands were on her hips and there was an orange glow in the background.

“Yes?” she enquired.

“Has it been uploaded?”

She nodded. “The Polychora is on and is at 5% power level.”

“What!? I told you full!”

She rolled her eyes. He made a mental note to speak to her about that later – again. “If I did that, it would implode. At full it is too much energy – enough for two hundred thousand portals, let alone our one! We’re still at risk with it at 5%. So unless you want your legacy to be that no-one could even find your teeth fillings,” and then she muttered something that sounded like ‘which you don’t even have‘, “then I would respectfully recommend keeping it between 0.5% and 5, or better 4 %.”

He let out a sigh. “Alright. Now go and make our guests feel welcome. First-class service.”

Winter snickered. “Yes, boss.”

He ended the conversation by turning off that computer. Ver’thad straightened up and turned back to the screen showing his prisoners. Staring at it for a moment, he smiled – as best as his acid-mangled face would allow, anyway – and then clicked his fingers and a robotic arm emerged from the ceiling, holding onto his Kabuki mask.

Taking hold of it, he stared into the black holes were the eyes should be, absentmindedly playing with the edge of his mask.

Project Winter Kill is finally under way.

Sorry to anyone bothered by the fact that some of these more recent chapters are rather short. I just think that some of the chapters work better shorter and ending them the way I do then making them longer. I will try to make the next chapter longer, but no promises – and no apologies if I don’t end up doing that. But I seriously will try.

Blogger characters who have appeared so far:

  1. Britchy as herself
  2. bottomlesscoffee007 as Bond
  3. jmshistorycorner as Jones
  4. Racquel as herself
  5. Riverside Peace
  6. myself as Rue the Avenger  😁


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