Winter Kill – Chapter Fifteen

Welcome to all my new followers! I now have over 400 WordPress followers (excluding e-mail followers)!!! Wow, thanks people! Sorry for the hiatus. I’m nearing the finish of this story (don’t worry, there’s a sequel directly to Winter Kill coming) and had to go back and reread the previous chapters to make sure that I got everything that needed to be explained. At least for this story, anyway. I may leave some things up in the air to be explained in Winter Kill‘s upcoming sequel.

On with the story!

Bond winced as he opened his eyes. He realised he must be lying on his back, because he was staring straight up at the roof. There was some light in the room he was in, but it was low and red. He squinted his eyes as he looked around, trying to make out the features in the room – and if Racquel, Britchy, and Rue were anywhere around.

He couldn’t make anything out.

A loud screech filled his ears. He went to raise his hands to block his ears, but he felt a sharp tug. Looking to his side, he saw he was chained to a flat, wooden board lying on the floor. Huh. He suddenly felt his board being tilted upwards. He closed his eyes and swallowed own the bile that was rising up in his throat.

It came to a stop with a sudden jerk and he just managed to not heave everywhere.

Taking deep breaths to calm his stomach, he opened his eyes…

…and instantly shut them again. Light – white light – was glaring straight in his face. He sensed the light adjusted to just below his face and he opened his eyes, blinking to adjust his vision.

“Whoa,” was all he could think to say.

He found himself in a huge circular room with a big clear glass dome. He was pressed up against the wall. There was a large dark hole in the middle of the room with a railing around it’s perimeter with a walkway around it. He craned his neck, trying to see how deep the, for lack of better description, crater was, but he wasn’t able to.

Pretty deep.

There was a snapping sound and he suddenly dropped down. He shoulder-rolled as he landed and rolled onto his feet, finding himself right in front of the railing surrounding the big crater-thing. Looking behind him, he saw that the board had somehow disappeared.

Standing up, he looked back at the crater. He tried to lean over the railing to gauge the depth, but something bounced him back. Rubbing his sore forehead, Bond stretched out his hand.

There was something solid surrounding the railing. Something invisible. A force field, maybe? he wondered. He walked around the perimeter a few meters, constantly tapping it. After a few goes, he deduced that it was indeed a force field and that it surrounded the entire perimeter.

He jumped as he heard another whirring sound. He soon spotted Racquel, Britchy, and Rue struggling and squirming to get out of their chains as the wooden boards they were on were lowered down. He heard the same snapping sound that he had heard right before he fell and this time he saw their chains suddenly snap open and they all dropped to the floor, managing to all land on their feet.

The boards suddenly seemed to melt into the wall, like they suddenly vanished. Were they even real? He wondered as he went over to the girls. “How ya’ all holding up?” he asked.

Britchy and Racquel assured him that they were fine but shaken. He looked over at Rue, who had remained silent the whole time. He frowned. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her head suddenly cocked to one side as if she was listening to someone, but trying to better understand what that person or persons was saying.

“Rue? What’s up?” he queried as he went over to her.

She didn’t respond. Didn’t glance at him. Didn’t look at him. Just stood there, as still as a stone. “Hellooo?” Bond waved his hand in front of her face.

She didn’t even blink.

Suddenly, she turned and walked away – in the opposite direction.

“Rue? What the hell is effin’ going on?” Bond demanded as he started to follow her.

She went over to part of the wall and a small, rectangular hole suddenly appeared in front of her. He stopped in his tracks. What the hell…? She reached in and seemed to be pulling something inside up. A whirring sound filled the room. Rue retracted her arm and turned around, looking up towards the dome. The hole behind her suddenly closed up.

Bond, Racquel, and Britchy all looked towards the dome. Bond now noticed that there was a circular hole right in the centre of the dome – and something was being lowered down through it.



As the person was lowered down, Bond noticed a helmet strapped to the guy’s head and that he was wearing a jumpsuit. Strange. His eyes were closed and his head lolled to one side. He’s unconscious, Bond realized. The man was being lowered down on a harness. The man stopped about ten metres above the centre of the crater-thing in the middle of the room. Then Bond caught a clear view of the new person’s face.


Then a second person was lowered down after him until he was at the same level as Enzo. “What the damnation?” Britchy exclaimed.

Prime Minister Mooney!?! He was unconscious, too. How is he even possibly here? Did Ver’thad kidnap him?

Then Enzo’s face seemed to be flickering, like a TV screen when there was a bad signal from the satellite dish. Eh? “It must be a hologram,” Racquel realized out loud. The flickering stopped and a new face – one they thought they would never see again – was in Enzo’s place.



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      2. The minions for one. They were at first pretty cute and funny to watch, but in the end all their antics and toilet humour being the main focus, that’s one thing that started to get painful. They’re alright so long as they are not the main focus of an entire movie.
        Then there’s the villain with her plot to steal the crown and become queen. During the climax it started to get over-the-top.

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      3. The remake is okay. Have been really just listening to it while reading WP posts on the computer, LOL! I’ll have to watch it again without any distractions before I tell you. Once I have, I’ll do a review of it on miscellaneousoddity.

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      5. I get it, believe me. I’m the number one worst about prioritizing my life around what needs to be done and what I want to do. If it were up to me I would read and write all day long! I wish I could get a job doing that… hmm. But I digress.

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      6. You could become an author.
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      7. I would love to be an author!

        Good for you! I’m glad our conversation helped motivate you, now if it would just motivate me to do the same. I struggle with the same issue quite a lot. I suppose I need to do the same and ask God to help me break out of that pattern. Let me know how it goes for you. Have a great rest of your day! Good chatting with you.

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      8. Have you seen the original Aladdin? I’m watching that at the moment (actually taking time to watch it this time) and whenever it gets to the A Whole New World song scene, my heart flutters because I really want a guy who would do that with me. The feels…it hurts that I have to wait, LOL!

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      9. Is that the one with Robin Williams? I’m not sure if I’ve seen it, I don’t think so. But I do love that song, very romantic. I know it’s hard to wait for something so important, but it’s definitely worth it!

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      10. Yeah, it’s the one with Robin Williams. His characters is easily my favourite of the movie. So darn funny. Apparently, Williams improvised all of his lines, which I think is so impressive. Sad that he is now dead.
        Agreed! Awesome things/people are worth waiting for.

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