Pride & Prejudice

So, I got to thinking last night about society and we each have our own set of prejudices and how society can treat people who are different to them, so I wrote a poem about it. It’s not my best, but I hope you enjoy!

Cowering in the dark,

Waiting for the arrow to hit its mark

For them to come and take me

To where they want me to be

They howl and scream outside our door

Starting at the count of four

They keep trying to break it down

Pound by bloody pound

All because we’re different

All because we’re new

All because we don’t conform

And our lifestyles don’t fit the “norm”

We are being true

To our beliefs just the same as you

Yet this is a crime

For some reason that I’m unable to define

But I can’t change you

You can’t change me

But here’s what we can do

To try and live in harmony

Don’t try and kill me

Just accept me and see

What life can be

If we just turn the key

And unlock the mystery

Of peace

And harmony

Instead of life on a leash

As I said, it isn’t my best poem, but it’s an attempt. I burst out laughing this morning as I was looking at it as I realized that it could apply to what me and my siblings are like when we argue of whatever DVD we are going to watch -they want to watch some stupid kid flick and I want to watch something SANE.

Anyway, have a great day/night!


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