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I have published the second book in The Zion TrilogyZion: The Rebellion, which is a sequel to a previously published book of mine – Zion. I had to do some editing, adding in some scenes to make it more comprehensive or changing things slightly to make more sense, but other than that, it’s still the same as when I originally posted it on WP. I didn’t need to do as much editing as I did on ZionZion: The Rebellion is currently only available in paperback as the e-book has not been approved yet on Amazon Kindle.


(The title of the book is on the spine. I would have chosen a cover design with the title on the front cover, but all the other cover design options had issues – you couldn’t see the title clearly or there was problems with the sizing of the dragon symbol, so this was the only one that I could choose).

Amazon hasn’t made paperback versions of books available in all countries – only in a small few. If you want to buy it and it isn’t available in your country, you’ll have to buy it from the nearest country where Zion: The Rebellion is available. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is a list of where you can go buy it:

United States of America:

United Kingdom:

Germany (Deutschland):



Italy (Italia):

Japan (日本):

I will let you guys know once the e-book version is approved and up on the site.

List of other books that I have published:

I dedicated Zion: The Rebellion to two people – one of whom is The Eclectic Contrarian a.k.a John and in the acknowledgements I mentioned the following bloggers:





Hope you all have a great day!

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