Winter Kill – Chapter Fourteen

Rue came to with a groan. Where am I? Everything was fuzzy. She blinked, but it became blurrier. A figure leaned over her face. “Unit is waking up,” a deep male voice said. Unit? Wh-what’s going on? Where am I? She winced. Stop being so loud! My ears hurt, she wanted to scream, but she couldn’t speak. All that would come out was a hoarse gasp. And what’s that incessant ringing?

Another blurry figure stepped into her vision, beside the first one. Rue blinked. There…there was….something…familiar…about that person….Who…?

The second figure seemed to nod and walked away. At least, that’s what Rue thought had happened. Everything was swirling around so much, it was hard to tell.

The first figure held something up. What…what is it?

It looked…sharp.

Rue felt a prick.

“Give her another one,” a voice said from a far away place. Faces swirled in front of her eyes.





Tears pricked her eyes. Darkness swirled around her. Just before she blacked out, she heard something else.

“We need to make sure that she’s prepared.”


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