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I prefer just to do stories, or on the odd occasion award posts, but this question has been bothering me enough that I want to share it on my story blog as well. What do you think?


Us bloggers have all probably heard about Tygpress (and it’s temporarily out of service), a site that was reproducing our posts without asking for our permission. Copyright.


My question is this:

I went and looked at the site and found all my posts on there, right? Understandably, at first I was upset. But, Tygrpess NEVER claimed it was their own content to begin with. They were only showing excerpts and included a link with each post they reproduced to the original content so that people could go and read it if they wanted to. Never once did they ever claim that the posts they were sharing were their own, but they did make it clear with the links they were sharing that it wasn’t their own.

Now I know they didn’t ask, but look, let’s be honest. We reblog, retweet, etc., without asking for permission (at least, some of…

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10 thoughts on “Question about Tygpress

  1. I didn’t really understand the situation completely, but some bloggers said that the main reason they would take so much of other’s content was they would be making money because of the amount of internet traffic they received. I think most of us are not making any money out of our blogging, some of paying to use upgraded WordPress plans, so it doesn’t seem quite fair for others to take our work as a wayy to make money without even asking us.

    It was all very odd!

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    1. If they were trying to make money, then I would be on the anti-Tygpress side. But as far as I can see, they aren’t (or weren’t, as Tygpress as been temporarily put out of action), so I’m more sympathetic towards Tygrpess.
      Agreed, it is very odd.

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  2. This is the first I’ve heard of this but I’ve been out of the loop. Ultimately, if it’s bringing traffic to my site that I wouldn’t have had anyway then I’m grateful! If they’re making money by someone following a link from their site to mine – I’m not losing anything. It’s not money I would have made and I’m not paying them. There are other blogs with sponsorship and affiliate links etc that make money daily who have linked to my posts. It hasn’t harmed me at all, just created a wider audience. I’m failing to see what the problem is

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    1. Agreed! Yeah, I don’t get what people are all upset about. Admittedly, I was against Tygpress because I was under the impression that they were putting our posts on their website and claiming our stuff was theirs. But, that’s not the case, so I’m actually on Tygpress’ side.

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      1. Yep! Sadly, they are shut down now due to the complaints made against them (unfortunately, I am guilty of that as I didn’t realize they were simply ‘reblogging’ like we do at first; and by the time I did realize that, they were shut down).

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