My FIRST Review!!!!

Do you guys remember that book of mine - ZION - that I published? Well, I've recently gotten my FIRST review of the book!!

Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Any images in the post/videos are NOT my own. They were found on the Internet. WARNING!!! SPOILERS AHEAD! TURN BACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! So, I just saw this book tag and while no-one was nominated, I really, really want to do it, so I'm being rebellious and gonna' do it REGARDLESS of the fact … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Question about Tygpress

I prefer just to do stories, or on the odd occasion award posts, but this question has been bothering me enough that I want to share it on my story blog as well. What do you think?


Us bloggers have all probably heard about Tygpress (and it’s temporarily out of service), a site that was reproducing our posts without asking for our permission. Copyright.


My question is this:

I went and looked at the site and found all my posts on there, right? Understandably, at first I was upset. But, Tygrpess NEVER claimed it was their own content to begin with. They were only showing excerpts and included a link with each post they reproduced to the original content so that people could go and read it if they wanted to. Never once did they ever claim that the posts they were sharing were their own, but they did make it clear with the links they were sharing that it wasn’t their own.

Now I know they didn’t ask, but look, let’s be honest. We reblog, retweet, etc., without asking for permission (at least, some of…

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