Winter Kill – Chapter Twelve

Sorry everyone for the delay in posting another Winter Kill chapter. And I have another apology to make – I realized that the distraction I had me and Racquel doing in the previous chapter was sort of a blooper. I realized that we could have just as easily have distracted whom we needed to distract by posing as museum security guards. I’m so sorry Racquel for putting us through that embarrassment without fulling thinking it through.

Bond noticed Winter and Stone watching the girls act with a mixture of embarrassment and despair. He couldn’t help but cringe as well as he watched Rue and Racquel do their song and dance performance. Did I really do that? Thank God I’ve matured! Police were there, chasing them out. He and Britchy swiped their cards and the doors opened. They ducked inside. Bond touched his ear communicator. “Ladies, we’re inside,” he subvocalised.

“Okay. Did we successfully distract Winter and Sean?” Racquel enquired.

“Yes,” Britchy confirmed.

“Okay. We know another way in. We’ll be right there,” Rue said.

Rue and Racquel ran out of the museum. Quickly finding a park with toilets, they ducked inside and took off their Lederhosens and put on a couple of security guard outfits, complete with wigs and eye contacts. Exiting the cubicles, they dumped their other outfits and equipment in a nearby rubbish bin and headed back over to the museum.

“You know,” Racquel remarked, “We could have just disguised as security guards to distract them.”

Rue suddenly felt incredibly stupid. Why, oh why didn’t I think of that earlier? “You mean we went through such horror for nothing!?”

Entering the museum, they quickly went through the grey double doors and the doors slid shut. “Okay, we’re in,” Racquel reported.

“Okay. Just continue forward to the end and then hang a left and you’ll find us,” Britchy instructed. “We’ve found something.”

A couple minutes later…

“What have you got?” Rue asked as they went over to Bond and Britchy. Rue noted that there was a orange glow in the room. What is that?

“This,” and Bond pointed at the centre of the cluttered room. Rue turned to see where he was pointing.

Oh! That’s what’s glowing!

In the corner of the room, with some boxes partially hiding it, was the Polychora.

“Well, that’s bloody huge,” Britchy remarked.

“So, how are we going to get it out of here without being noticed AND before Winter and Sean come down here?” Bond asked.

Rue frowned. That was the question…

“I’d like to see ya’ try,” said a voice behind them.

Rue looked over her shoulder and saw Winter and Stone standing behind them, their guns aimed at the foursome.

Well, crap.

Rue turned to the most qualified one to deal with the troublesome duo. “Britchy?”

Stone burst out laughing. “That little kid? What can she do?”

Britchy just smiled.

“And that,” Britchy declared with a unrepentant grin, “should keep twinkle-Dee and twinkle-dum occupied for a few minutes.”

Racquel blinked in surprise. One moment Britchy was standing there, looking totally angelic (which was a cause for absolute terror), then the next, Winter and Stone were somehow unconscious and tied up on the floor. How the heck did she do that so fast?

“So, what are we going to do about the Polychora?” Bond repeated his earlier question.

“Racquel,” Rue piped up and Racquel turned to her. “Why don’t you call the PM Mooney and ask for some assistance?”

“Or,” Britchy piped up, “we can pose as museum security guards and ask from assistance from the staff to move it to a secure location as we have received a tip-off from the police that someone is thinking of stealing it.”

They all stared at her for a moment, then at each other. “That is actually a great idea, B!” Racquel praised her. “We’ll do that.”

“Okay, mister, it’s all loaded onto the truck,” one of the museum staff grunted as he wiped his hands on a piece of cloth. Bond nodded, then looked behind him where Britchy and Rue were coming over. They had just finished finding a suitable hiding place for Winter and Stone while Bond and Racquel kept the staff busy with the Polychora.

“Thanks,” Bond said and he and the other three headed towards the truck’s cabin. He leaned towards Britchy and whispered, “where did you stash them?”

“In the sub-basement,” Britchy replied. “And we welded the lock.”

Ver’thad drummed his fingers on the desk. He stared at his phone as he sipped some coffee. Winter and Stone are late for their status report, he silently noted. What’s going on?

Brring! Brring!

Seeing it was Winter’s number, he accepted the call and put it to his ear. “Status report.”

“They’ve got the Polychora,” Winter reported.

“Excellent. Everything’s gone according to schedule then. Go after them.”

“Uh…we can’t we’re welded in the sub-basement.”

He quietly swore. That had not been part of it. “Fine. I’ll send some assistance and send others after them.”

“What should we do about our other agent?”

“He’s not doing things as I requested. Kill him.”

“And Enzo?”

“I’m keeping alive for a little while longer. But once this is all over, you can kill him.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Sorry for how short this chapter is. I’ve been stuck on it for so long, I just want to get this one up.

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