ZION as paperback/Mein Buch ist in Taschenbuch/estoy publicado/sono pubblicato/私は公開されています

My e-book ZION has now been converted to paperback form and the paperback form is now available on Amazon and Kindle to be bought.

For those who are unaware of my dystopian science-fiction action-adventure Zion trilogy, here is the plot summary of the first book ZION as shown on Amazon:

Edward is given an offer. He refuses. They kill him. His wife and son are now on the run and his daughter’s missing. His wife creates Zion – a secret organisation designed to fight the Omega Order, who killed her husband. As their enemies start closing in, Ivanka Brown, an Omega agent, starts to realise not everything about her reality adds up and must decide where her loyalties lie.
Where you can go and buy the paperback version:
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Japan (日本):

29 thoughts on “ZION as paperback/Mein Buch ist in Taschenbuch/estoy publicado/sono pubblicato/私は公開されています

  1. Congratulations! I just bought the Kindle version and am looking forward to reading it. What little I have read, you certainly have talent! Good for you for venturing into your passion. May God bless your ambitions!

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      1. The author Morgan Robertson provided a fair amount of rare insight about writing with the following statement he made:

        “As to the motif of my story, I merely tried to write a good story with no idea of being a prophet. But, as in other stories of mine, and in the work of other and better writers, coming discoveries and events have been anticipated. I do not doubt that it is because all creative workers get into a hypnoid, telepathic and percipient condition, in which, while apparently awake, they are half asleep, and tap, not only the better-informed minds of others but the subliminal realm of unknown facts. Some, as you know, believe that in this realm there is no such thing as Time, and the fact that a long dream can occur in an instant of time gives color to it, and partly explains prophecy.”

        Maybe you are in that state. Here is the entire post:



      2. I think I read those. I don’t agree that they are in some hypnoid, telepathic, percipient state. I believe that it is God or satan giving them ideas, whether telling them directly, or sparking ideas in our heads or causing us authors to notice something, whether or not the author knows it’s God or satan.


      3. In this case he knew about the titanic before it sank.

        We can give the experience any name we want or claim any source for the data but the question remains…

        Are you experiencing it?


      4. He? Do you mean God or satan?
        I, personally, am experiencing God showing or telling me or, in some cases, both what to write with my stories. Any resemblance to any other author’s work is completely coincidental.


      5. Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Interesting, though I’m not quite sure how he knew. Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m right, or there’s a completely different explanation.

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