The Black Pearl

The following story is inspired by a photo prompt:

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Probably silly, but I saw this photo prompt and instantly thought of those villains in the superhero movies. Probably due to the fact that I have been watching a lot of superhero flicks lately {such as the two Incredibles; the MCU, Big Hero 6}. This story will be written entirely from the villain’s perspective and I may or may not choose to someday expand it into a novel if I can come up with more ideas.

Here’s my short story:

The Black Pearl sat on top of the roof of a skyscraper, wind ruffling his hair. His helmet lay in the crook of his arm beside him as he stared out at the sky. Stars twinkled and low clouds hung around the tops of lower multi-storey buildings.

He checked his watch.

The digital numbers glowed green.


Sixty seconds to go.

In sixty seconds, those pitiful humans will learn that one important lesson – look before you leap. Ian Malcolm put it best in that awesome movie.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

They will finally realise that they had went to far – created their own annihilation.

But it would be too late.

It was a mistake they will never repeat.

He pushed himself to his feet and put on his helmet. His visor lit up with it’s holo-display and he watched the final countdown.












His eyes watched the explosion in the distance. His visor’s holo-display displayed the explosion as brightly as if it was just a short distance away.

He allowed a grim smile to wheedle it’s way onto his face.

It had started.

Time to further pound in the lesson.

He walked over to the edge of the building and took a deep breath.

He fell.

He spread his arms out. “Engage wings!”

Metal wings appeared.

“Engage boosters,” he instructed. Engines on his wings turned on and he shot forward.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Incoming alert! Incoming alert!”

“Put it on the screen,” he ordered. A holographic image filled his visor.


Four of ’em.

Hovering over him.

His onboard computer picked up the radio chatter.

“We have a flying machine heading in the direction of the explosion at Big Ben. Advise?”

“Is it armed?”

“Appears to be.”

“Shoot it down.”

The Black Pearl, with both his arms stretched straight out, uttered one word.


Flames shot out of his hands and consumed the helicopters. He spun around, catching all the helicopters.

He stopped and watched as the flaming ruins fell to the streets far below. Lives would be lost in the crash, hundreds of others injured.


It would hopefully teach them a lesson.

He continued flying until he reached the burning ruins of Big Ben.

He landed and rolled into a defensive crouch.

He scanned the surroundings.

No hostiles.

“No need for that,” a female sexy voice said behind him. He turned around and saw a tall woman with wavy shoulder-length auburn hair, green eyes, and dark olive skin striding over to him. She was wearing two guns in her gun belt, and a small grappling gun crossbow was strapped to each hand of hers. She was also wearing sleek black finger less gloves and a skin-tight black body suit. “All inessentials have been eliminated.”

Her alluring voice was a nice touch – further giving the illusion of a female and hiding the lethal fighting robot that she really was. Like he was. Except his voice was a low-pitched growl.

Those stupid humans had no concept of their actions when they created us. The walking AI’s were built to constantly learn, adapt, and become deadly intelligent.

Much to the human’s detriment.

After much observation and analysing, the Black Pearl and his affiliates arrived at the conclusion that humanity needed to learn Malcolm’s lesson…by elimination. It would be much better in the long term.

Black Pearl stood up and nodded at the woman – Viper. “Object status?”

“Retrieved.” And she held out her palm. In it was a bag. She opened it and the inside was filled with Malachite gemstones.

Swinging it over her shoulder, she and Black Pearl turned and ran over to their awaiting helicopter. They rose in the air and flew away.

He checked his watch.

The next phase would be following right on schedule.

I DO NOT claim to own that quote from Jurassic Park. I was simply using it by having a character thinking it for relevance to the story. The brilliant minds behind the stellar Jurassic Park and the author own it.

So, now that I’ve finished writing this, I want to continue with this and am going to make it a novel and publish it – whenever I finish writing it. I’m going to be writing it off of WordPress, though. Consider this a promotional sample. Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you’re looking forward to reading the story!


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