This is a question for people who have read at least some of my stories. If you’re just starting to read my stuff and this is the first post of mine that you read, please go back and read at least some of my stories before answering.

Someone told me that my biggest fault with my stories is that they feel rushed.

While I think that my stories aren’t up to the same standard as my Zion trilogy, I’m worried about this criticism.

Is this true? Have any of my stories felt in any way rushed?

71 thoughts on “Question

    1. Okay, thanks! 🙂 I went and asked one of my siblings and said sibling said the same thing, so that’s good.
      Let me know what you think once you’ve gone back and read a few.

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  1. Everyone is not going to like your stuff…. unfortunately. This is your exposure to the not so good side of writing…

    Personally I have no complaints!

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    1. Thanks!
      Sadly, that is true. With each book, movie, tv series, etc., there will always be somebody that doesn’t like something in it.
      I’m glad that everyone seems to think that I’m doing alright.

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      1. I’m hoping to be published too one day and hopefully people will like it… I’m not trying to be rich and famous but at least known and respected.

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      2. I’d definitely buy it and read it. I wouldn’t mind being rich and famous, but there are times when I don’t. I’ve finally started watching the MCU, and finally seen the original Star Wars trilogy AND finally seen three Bond films and plan on watching more.

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      3. Great to hear. My family and I went to the beach for the first time in a little while and we had a heap of fun. Two seagulls started chasing one of my little brothers. At first, he made a game of it (he was holding a sandwich), but once they started flying after him, it became too real for him. I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

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      1. Ok just asking. We seemed to be ok and then things got weird again. I want everything to be ok. Yes, you’re an aggravating teenager but I do appreciate our friendship.

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      2. Everything is ok. Just ’cause I’m silent doesn’t mean I’m mad at you. It just means that I’m busy doing stuff off the Internet – I do have 7 siblings, school work, etc., to do. Plus I write stories, which does take up a bit of time. So don’t think that anything’s wrong with our friendship just because I’m silent. It just means I’m busy.

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      3. Yes ma’am!

        Not trying to mushy or weird but I care… I mean you’re probably one of the few youngins I think is mature enough to read my protected posts.

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