A New Heart – Chapter 2

Here is the first chapter: Chapter 1.

She headed away from the bus stop.  She did not feel like being in there with the others.

“Liz, where are you going?”

She just continued walking.

She heard Adrien follow her, calling her name. She picked up the pace, then began running. She ignored Adrien as he tried to run after her. But she was a much faster runner and quickly put a distance between her brother and her. Elbowing her way through the people on the streets, she ran through a park, wishing she could lose him.


Liz heard the front door open. “Hey, I’m home!” Adrien called out.  She quickly knelt down and pretended to be searching through the cupboards.  She had arrived home two hours ago and had been nervously awaiting her brother’s arrival home.

I hope he doesn’t mention it to Mum and Dad.

Liz sensed somebody behind her, felt their eyes on her.  Liz wouldn’t turn around to see who it was.

But she knew who it was.

You want to know what’s bothering me. You mean well, you want to try to help me, and I love you for it. The only problem is, I don’t know how to explain it.

A hand rested on her shoulder. Gentle. Comforting. Worried.

“Hey,” he greeted.

“Adrien, is that you?”

“Uh…yeah,” he called back.

“Oh, great. I need you to come into the bathroom. Problems with the pipes in here.”

“OK,” he called back and then turned to Liz, opened his mouth and then closed it. Then he turned and left the kitchen.

Adrien’s and Liz’s mum shut the washing machine door and turned it on. Mentally going over her list, she then picked up a bucket and mop.

Brring! Brring!

Rummaging in her back pocket, she put down the things and took out her mobile phone and answered it. “Yes?”

“Mrs Stark?”

“This is she.”

“This is Mrs. Revilrs, your daughter’s Science teacher. Is something bothering her?”

Umm…“No, I don’t think so. Why do you ask? Is she acting like there’s something bothering her?”

“I think so. Liz…failed that test the students took last week. Okay, she does get some things wrong, but that’s normal, but what is concerning is that she got nearly all of it wrong. When I tried to find out if everything was okay, Liz wouldn’t tell me. She also hasn’t been doing so well in some of her other schoolwork, either,” Mrs. Revilrs informed her.

“What was Liz’s score on the test from last week?” Mrs Stark queried.

“G-. I’m concerned,” her daughter’s teacher replied.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do.” Mrs. Revilrs thanked her, apologised for disturbing her, and then they ended the call. Liz’s mother stood still, concern worming it’s way in.


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