ZION Chapter Five

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Ivanka Brown was lifting weights in an exercise centre. She was brown-haired and green-eyed and was a secret agent for the League of Nations.

“Ivanka, please report to Petrus immediately,” a voice reported over an intercom. Ivanka put the weights down and walked down the aisle to Petrus’s office. Ivanka was in the city were all the League of Nations people lived – the Peak, though the inhabitants of the regions dubbed it ‘satan’s abode’. It was the city where only the Law Enforcers, Emperor Noland and his family, League members and secret agents could come and go or live in. She was known, at the Peak, as a merciless murderer. Ivanka lived in Region 12. No-one there knew she was a secret agent. She had quietly teleported herself to the Peak because she had received orders from Petrus, her guardian/trainer/mentor had a mission for her. She viewed him almost as an adoptive father as he had taken her in when she was a baby and looked after her ever since her parents had died.

Arriving at Petrus’s office, she walked straight in. [….]

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