The Inside Job – Chapter Eight

Washington strode confidently through the doors. His shoulders sagged. There were long lines of people waiting to be served. He craned his neck to see who was at the front of his line. It was an old lady who was trying to open her purse.

Oh, come on.

Lincoln slammed into Smith and Mrs Flaherty, knocking them to the ground. Shreds of the couch sprayed everywhere as bullets chewed at the couches. There was a pause.

He sprang to his feet and ran for a door nearby.


Bits of the floorboard bit his legs as he ran. He dove through the door and landed heavily on his right shoulder, rolling as he went. He scrambled to his feet and was relived to see Smith and Mrs Flaherty had made it. He tried to move his right arm, but winced and held it tight. Lincoln then noticed that Mrs Flaherty’s left arm was bloody.

He gripped her good arm and they began running down the hall. He heard the front doors to the apartment block open and heard people run inside. “Where does this lead?” he whispered.

“Out the back,” Mrs Flaherty whispered back.

I hope she’s right.

Kann ich dir helfen?May I help you?

Washington looked around and saw a young woman looking at him with a smile. There was a name tag pinned to her blouse. “Entschuldigung, Fraulein Emma, Ich habe eine Verabredung mit Herr Grabher.” Excuse me, Ms. Emma, I have an appointment with Mr Grabher.

The woman, who’s name on the pin was ‘Emma’, glanced at the line infront of him and her smile turned sympathetic. “Bitte komm mit mir. Ich werde dich zu ihm bringen,” she offered. Come with me, please. I will take you to him. He thanked her and she led him away from the other customers and into a nearby elevator. Once they were inside, she pressed ‘3’.

Dr Mueller shivered as he hugged himself. Who’s bright idea was this? Alice (I wonder what her real name is?) peered through the frosted window in the door and then sat down on the floor, leaning against William, who looked questioning at her. She shook her head. Still not safe. Mueller watched his breath come out as a white cloud. “Couldn’t you two have picked somewhere else other than the freezer?” he complained. After the first shots were fired, Alice and William had taken him and tried to find a place to hide.

“They wouldn’t think to look in here,” Alice pointed out. “I mean, what sane person would?”

William smiled at that. He then looked over at Mueller. “Do you know where the toxins will be released?” They froze as they heard two people walk over to the door.

“What if they are in there?” a muffled voice speculated.

“Oh, come on. Who would hide in there?” another voice retorted and Mueller felt relieved when they walked away.

“Well?” William prodded.

Mueller’s teeth were chattering by then. “Not really. The day Merkel disappeared, he had sent me a text message saying that he had it all wrong. Then said at the end ‘Tenth labour. R7161.’ ”

” ‘tenth labour’,” Alice repeated. “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know,” Dr Mueller replied. “But what I do know is that I will become an icicle if I don’t get out of here soon,” he added, with a pointed look at Alice and William. He stood up and found his muscles were cramped. With some difficulty, he went over to one of the walls, between two of the shelves, and then opened a door. Wisps of white clouds billowed out as he and the two agents stepped out and he shut the door.

“The door…?” Alice questioned.

“A back door for us to unload our ecological samples,” Dr Mueller said. “We are in the loading area behind the institute.” He motioned to some vehicles nearby. “Which one?”

There was then a ding! and the elevator doors opened. He and Emma stepped out and she led him down the hall to two big oak doors with golden handles on them. Emma pulled open one of the doors and stepped inside, motioning for him to enter. Washington entered the room. This is quite fancy, Washington thought as he discreetly glanced around. His eyes settled on a desk infront of him where a white-haired man was seated, sorting out paperwork.

Herr Grabher?” Emma cleared her throat. “Wilhelm Von Blomberg ist hier um dich zu sehen.” Mr Grabher? Wilhelm Von Blomberg is here to see you.

The man looked up. He had a clean-shaven face and looked quite fit. “Ah, Herr Von Blomberg. Bitte hinsetzen.” Ah, Mr Von Blomberg. Please sit down. Washington nodded gratefully and seated himself in a leather seat across from Grabher. “Danke dir, Emma,” he said. Thank you, Emma. She nodded and then sat down next to the desk. Mr Grabher then turned his attention back to Washington. “Sollen wir fortfahren?”

Shall we proceed?



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