The Inside Job – Chapter 7

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I will also include easter egg(s) to the Zion trilogy in this post. In case anyone is curious as to what ‘easter eggs’ mean, in this case, it means references to my Zion trilogy, which I published on Racheal’s Novels before starting on this story, The Inside Job. I will put up a list of the easter eggs that are in this chapter in a note at the bottom of this post amongst other things.

A clarification: The Inside Job takes place in the year 2025.


Kann ich dir helfen?

May I help you?

Lincoln looked over at the young man at the desk who had spoken to them. “Mögen wir,” and he pointed at Smith, “sehen Sie bitte die Vermieterin Frau Flaherty?” May we see the landlady Mrs Flaherty, please?

The man picked up a phone and put it to his ear. “Wie heissen Sie?” What’s your name?

Herr Stewart und Fraulein Dumas,” Smith replied, putting on a soft French accent. The man nodded and dialed a number. After a few seconds, he said something quietly into the phone, paused and then hung up. He pointed at a couch nearby.

“Nehmen Sie Platz. Frau Flaherty wird in Kürze bei dir sein,” he informed them. Have a seat. Mrs Flaherty will be with you shortly.


Washington parked the rented car by the side of the road and pulled out his iPhone, a flat circular disc, and Hauptmann Sëssler’s wallet, which Connery had given him before he left for the bank. With his phone, he took a photo of the photo of Sëssler and then ran it through a facial recognition program. He nearly dropped the phone from shock as he read the results. Hauptmann Sëssler was the Federal Minister of Defence of Germany and his official registered name was Wilhelm Von Blomberg. So why is the Defence Minister leading a strike team that is after our blood? Then who exactly is this Erik Von Hindenburg? He must be pretty high up in the government.

He quickly went on Google and searched ‘Erik Von Hindenburg’. His shoulders sagged. The only results were about the Hindenburg disaster in 1937. That’s a lot of help. He checked his watch. He needed to go to the bank. But there was a problem. According to the letter, a banker called Grabher was expecting Sëssler and his strike team – or, at least Sëssler – to arrive to collect the $3,000,000. In all probability, that meant the Grabher knew what Sëssler looked like. So, to go in and find out what the vital secret was, he had to look and sound like Sëssler. He turned on the circular disc and downloaded photos from the internet of Von Blomberg/Von Hindenburg and began constructing a full holographic copy of Von Blomberg and also began watching YouTube videos of Von Blomberg/Von Hindenburg in interviews and on the news so he could download the man’s voice onto the disc.


Cooper gave Dr. Mueller the once-over as he made sure that they were comfortable. He seems quite eager, she observed. Dr. Mueller was short, appeared to be middle-aged and had a pot belly. He was wearing Ray-Ban glasses that he kept absentmindedly adjusting. Dr. Mueller sat down directly opposite them. “Now, what did you want to see me about, Herr Johansson und Fraulein Nilsson?” Mueller enquired for the second time.

“We are work associates of Jürgen Merkel,” Cooper began in a Swedish accent. “We are involved in his latest research project and we believe he came to you about some issues regarding his project.”

She paused and gauged his reaction. He had frozen slightly at the mention of fsutopia‘s alias, but had quickly covered it and now had a slight…troubled look. “Ah, yes. Herr Merkel,” Dr. Mueller began hesitantly. He studied them for a moment. “Forgive me,” he said hastily, smiling apologetically. “But I’ve been doing a few tedious studies lately and am feeling tired. Yes, Dr. Mueller came to me.”

“We’ve heard that he has unfortunately died and we are continuing his project,” Cooper continued, “and would be grateful for any assistance you would be able to give us.”


What’s a six-letter word that means cure, remedial treatment. healing, or healing power?

Herr Stewart und Fraulein Dumas?”

Lincoln looked up from the crossword that he was working on and saw an attractive woman who looked to be in her forties standing nearby, looking at them. He gratefully put the crossword down as he and Smith stood up. “Hallo, Frau Flaherty,” he greeted, going over and kissing her hand.

Möchten Sie etwas zu trinken?” Mrs Flaherty asked. Would you like something to drink?

Kaffee bitte. ” Smith agreed with a smile. Coffee, please.

“Bitte auch,” Lincoln added. Same, please.

Mrs Flaherty nodded. “Es wird keinen Moment dauern,” she told them as she departed. Won’t be a moment.

Once she was out of earshot, Lincoln motioned for them to sit down again. “I hope this goes somewhere,” he whispered quietly to Smith.

She nodded. “Me, too.”


Mrs Flaherty opened the cupboard and took out three mugs. Setting them down on the table, she reached up and took out a jar of coffee and a box of sugar. Quickly checking to make sure that she was alone, she pulled out a phone and dialed a number.

“Hello?” a heavily accented voice answered.

Frau Flaherty. 127818186127419.”

There was a pause as the other person cross-checked her ID.

“Flaherty, was kann ich für Sie tun?” Flaherty, what can I do for you?

“Alpha, Bitte.” Alpha, please.

There was a pause as she was patched through, then she heard a cough at the other end. “Be quick about it.”

Ich glaube, ich bin auf zwei Agenten gestoßen,” she told him, keeping her voice down. I think I have come across two of the agents.

“And why’s that?”

She quickly described the woman’s and man’s appearance. “Sie stellten sich als Mr. Stewart und Frau Dumas vor,” she quickly added meaningfully. They introduced themselves as Mr. Stewart and Ms. Dumas.

“Ah. Ramirez told you of their aliases they used to board the train.”

Ja, er hat. Er hat mir gesagt, weil er ihre Bewegungen verfolgt und sagten, dass sie oder einige von ihnen hier auftauchen könnten,” she explained. Yes, he did. He told me because he was tracking their movements and said that they, or some of them, might show up here. “Was soll ich machen?” What should I do?

“What’s happening?”

Ich hole ihnen was zu trinken.” I’m getting them a drink.

There was silence on the other end for a moment. “Humour them.”

What? “J-ja, Herr.” Y-yes, sir. She hung up and resumed preparing their drinks. Humour them? Is he daft?

“You’re OMEGA-3 agents,” Dr Mueller stated.

Connery managed a confused look. “Pardon me?”

“Don’t play coy. I came up with the idea of OMEGA-3.” What!? He nodded when he saw his reaction.

“The creator was Gabriel Arch. He died a year later, on the eve that OMEGA-3 was completed,” Cooper corrected, frowning.

Dr Mueller smiled without humour. “That’s me. I changed my name and look after I ‘died’.”

Oh. “Did Merkel know that?”

Dr Mueller nodded. “Yes. That’s why he came to me. He knew I could help. How did you know that he came to me?”

“We were sent his letter from him to Grandpa. He briefly mentioned you,” Connery explained.

Dr Mueller nodded, then stood up and went over to his office door. He opened it, made sure nobody was around, then closed it. “What do you know so far?”

Cooper explained about the toxic plants and the rumoured attack on Berlin, about the bank, and the Nazis sympathisers. “But, I don’t know how they are connected to Merkel’s mission,” she added.

Dr Mueller frowned thoughtfully. “No, they are connected. Don’t know how yet. Merkel was investigating that as he knew there was some connection to his mission and these Nazi sympathisers. Maybe they are the orchestrators?”

“Merkel stated in his letter to Grandpa that the toxic attack wasn’t going to be in Berlin, but somewhere else entirely. He didn’t say where, though. Do you know?” Connery enquired.

Doktor Mueller! Doktor Mueller!”


“Tonight in Buckingham Palace, the G25 summit will take place. There is a rather surprising increase of the governments and central bank governors, hence the change from G20 to G25. Media usually has limited access, but this time, we have been denied ANY access to this summit. One wonders what this summit is about?”

Lincoln stroked his chin as he listened to the news report. Interesting.

“The only country NOT to attend the summit is the Eden Kingdom, ruled by Queen Catherine and Alexei IV. They refuse to state what it is about, but have stated that they are not attending this one due to ‘religious beliefs,’ which has caused heavy rumours and a lot of controversy about what this summit is about. In related news…”

Hier sind eure Getränke.” Here are your drinks.

Lincoln turned off the TV as Mrs Flaherty set the tray with the coffees down on the table. She glanced out of a window across the room before sitting down, taking hold of a cup of coffee. Smith and Lincoln reached over and took the other two cups and he and Smith leaned back. “Jetzt,” Mrs Flaherty smiled warmly. “Worüber wollt ihr mich sehen?” Now, what did you want to see me about?

Wir sind Herr Merkel’s Geschwister. Wir glauben, dass er im Urlaub hier war. Nur haben wir seit etwa zwei Wochen nichts von ihm gehört.Er hat nicht geantwortet zu unserer Textnachricht, oder unsere Anrufe zurückgegeben. Wir fragten uns, ob es ihm gut ging?” Smith replied. We are Mr Merkel’s siblings. We believe that he was staying here while on holiday. Only, we haven’t heard from him for about two weeks. He hasn’t responded to our text messages, or returned our calls. We were wondering if he was alright? Lincoln was silently impressed how she was able to instantly turn into the concerned sister. Even more impressive, considering how  she was an only child.

Mrs Flaherty hesitated for only a fraction of a second, before nodding. “Oh, ja. Kein Grund zur Sorge,” she assured them. Oh, yes. No need to worry.

Huh? “Ist er hier?” Lincoln asked. Is he here?

Nein, nein. Er geht spazieren,” Mrs Flaherty replied quickly, brushing it off with a wave of her hand. No, no. He’s out walking. “Du kannst gerne bleiben, bis er zurückkommt,” she offered. You’re welcome to stay until he get’s back.

Smith nodded hesitantly. “Ja, bitte.” Yes, please.


Lincoln took a cautious sip of his coffee, drumming his fingers on the mug. He glanced over at Mrs Flaherty who was politely drinking her coffee. He saw her glance out the window with a puzzled look. The glance turned to a stare and she went pale.


Her mug lay on the floor in a million pieces, black liquid soaking into the carpet. “Verräter!” he heard her mutter. Traitor! He looked out the window. He saw a black Ford Transit van parked infront of the apartment block. One of the windows was rolled down and in the window was…

“OH, SHIT!!!”

Here is a list of the easter eggs in this chapter:

  • The G25 summit taking place in Buckingham Palace. Since this story takes place eleven years before the start of the Zion trilogy (which begins in 2036, but the main story takes place in the 2050s), it was mentioned in the Zion trilogy, in Zion: The Rebellion Chapter 4 to be precise, as taking place 30 years prior to that chapter (Zion: The Rebellion takes place in 2055).
  • The Eden Kingdom, or otherwise known as the Kingdom of Eden (I had changed it from ‘Biovea’ to ‘Eden’ as I found out there was a company called ‘Biovea’). It is the Kingdom that Alexei’s and Anastasia’s father, Edward X, ruled at the beginning of ZION, alongside his wife, the queen consort Anne, in the Zion trilogy, which is also on Racheal’s Novels.
  • And last of all, the mentioned rulers of Eden at the time this story is set. Queen Catherine and Alexei IV are the parents of Edward X in the Zion trilogy. They are mentioned in ZION Chapter Two.

By doing these easter eggs or references to the Zion trilogy, I am trying to say that The Inside Job and the Zion trilogy take place in the same universe. I have already done one or two easter eggs to the Zion trilogy in The Inside Job Chapter 5. So, The Inside Job takes place before the Zion trilogy, and is sort of like a de facto prequel. It sets things up for the Zion trilogy, better even then how I set it up at the beginning of the trilogy.

ANNOUNCEMENT: my story Broken and my other story The Icy Depths will not be continued, but will remain one-shots. I apologise profusely to the people I talked with on those two posts as I told them I would do continuations of the above mentioned stories – and I sincerely intended to when I said that. But the ideas did not work out, so I will leave them as they are.


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