The Icy Depths

I had originally planned to do The Inside Job Chapter 7, but this short story came into my mind and wouldn’t leave me alone, so I thought I would post it instead. I will do the next chapter of The Inside Job soon. Hope you enjoy this!

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Anyway, on with this story! Enjoy!


Clawing at the light, trying to hold onto it before the light disappears completely.

You cry out for understanding, for help, but suddenly water rushes in. You gasp for air as you try to climb away from the wave’s icy grasp. It’s deadly fingers wrap around you and pulls you down. You fight against it, trying to breathe, but water fills your mouth and nostrils as you start to sink.

You try to swim to the surface, but it pulls you down.

Black dots begin to fill your eyes.

You reach in vain for the light as it grows dark. Water streams from your mouth as everything starts to fade.

Suddenly a bright light surrounds you and a hand appears.

“Take my hand,” a voice said.

In desperation, you grab the hand and you are pulled up. You feel something cool brush your face.


He gently cradles you as you throw up the water and he whispers words of encouragement to you. Breathing heavily, you start to tremble, tears running down your face. He holds you tighter and the trembling stops as warmth quickly spreads throughout your body.


“I’m here. I’ll always be with you, holding you.”

You fall into a peaceful sleep, safely in His arms.

You now have the strength to carry on.

Now that you know you’re not alone.

I have no idea what this is for. I hope you enjoyed that.


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