The Inside Job – Chapter 4

“So, are we going to look at the things we got from the Nazis?” Lincoln wondered as he drove.

They were on the road again. They were heading for the train station that would take them to Berlin. Washington had called in to the train station to reserve accommodations on the train. It was a shinkansen or bullet train. It could travel up to 328 km per hour. The design was borrowed from the Japanese, just with a few changes (and faster). It would take just 5.2 hours to reach Berlin. They had also been given a place to keep their van until they got back. Cooper had become Gabriella de Lucy, Smith became June Dumas, Washington became Jacob McQueen, Lincoln was Kyle Stewart and Connery was Sean Bond.

“Yeah. When we’re on the train,” Washington responded. In the letter from their bosses, there was instructions to board a shinkansen to Berlin and only to read the rest of the instructions when on the train.

“What about all the reports sent by fsutopia?” Cooper asked. “When do we look at those?”

“On the train,” Washington replied.

“We would like five one-way tickets to Berlin, Germany, please,” Connery asked the man at the ticket booth. The man stamped the tickets and handed the tickets to them.

“The train for Berlin leaves from Platform 6 in eight minutes,” the man told them before calling out “NEXT!” They began looking around for Platform 6. There was Platform 1,2,3,4…

“OOF!!” cried Smith as her shoulder bumped into a passing man with a cowboy hat, cream-coloured coat, sunglasses, black beard and a cigarette in his mouth. She observed all that in two seconds. The man glared at her before moving on. Something seemed awful familiar about the man, Smith thought. But she shrugged it off. It was probably one she had seen or met before in her work, but what did it matter?


The man watched the four moving through the crowd. Raising his watch to his face, he spoke into it, saying: “I’ve found them. Am going in pursuit.”


“Platform 5. Platform 6 should be just up ahead,” Lincoln commented.

May I have your attention, please. The train for Berlin is now departing from Platform 6,” the female P.A. Voice announced.

Breaking into a run, they arrived at Platform 6 – to find the train they needed to catch departing without them. They began to run after it. Soon, Connery became parallel with the doors. He reached for the handle – and missed.

The train was nearing the end of the platform. He reached up again…

And caught the handle. Connery swung up and gripping both sides with his fingers, he yanked the doors open. The others ducked under his arms and the doors closed.

An old lady was sitting in the cabin and staring at them with a scolding glare. A door opened and the conductor walked in. “Tickets!!!” he bellowed. They handed him their tickets. “Oh. You’ve got a reservation for this train. Follow me,” he said.

Following the conductor through the carriages, he opened a door and inside was a bedroom with two three-bed bunks. Under the bunks was space to tote any bags, suitcases or other belongings. “I hope you’ll be comfortable here for the trip.” The conductor turned and left, shutting the door. As soon as the door was shut, Cooper pulled out the whole letter from their bosses, unfolded the paper and scanned its contents.

“Ah. This is our house’s address,” Maria gave the address, “and fsutopia’s apartment was Apartment 7B on Floor 7. It’s towering behind the Mexican Embassy building. We’re to tell the landlady – Mrs Flaherty – that we are Mr Merkel’s (fsutopia’s alias) near relatives and are visiting. There’s a slim chance she’ll tell us anything, but it’s a shot.”

“How about the German stuff?” Smith said.

Washington checked his watch. “We’ll talk about it over lunch,” he replied.

The dining car was so noisy that they were able to talk without whispering and without any danger of being overheard. They all spoke a lot of languages, but Smith was the fastest translator, so while eating lunch, she studied all the papers and passports.

“Excuse me, miss?” Connery said, waving over a waitress. She was a blonde haired blue eyed beauty and she came over with a smile.

“What is your order?” she asked, pulling out a pad and a pencil.

“Martini, please. Shaken not stirred,” he ordered. The waitress chuckled and went to fetch his order.

“Quit the Bond act,” Cooper rolled her eyes. The others chuckled, except Smith, who then cleared her throat.

“Finished?” Washington enquired hopefully. Smith nodded.

“Okay. Washington, the man you found the sealed instructions on was called Hauptmann Sëssler. He is – was – the leader of a German strike team. He and his team were going to receive a huge reward for the elimination of us five. These instructions were sent by a leader called Erik Von Hindenburg…” her voice trailed off and her brow furrowed in thought.

“Everything alright?” Maria asked, after waving her hand infront of Smith’s face for a couple seconds to get her attention.

“Yes. I just thought I might have heard or seen his name before and was trying to remember where. Ahem. Von Hindenburg sent this by order of the Black Master.” Shrugging, Smith continued. “Anyway, after disposing of us, Sëssler and his men were to go back to their Head Quarters. Doesn’t say where it is, though.”

After musing over it, Washington asked, “Did this Erik happen to mention how they knew about our meeting?”

Smith shook her head. “No. But it did mention a bank in Berlin.”

“Oh, yes?” Washington leaned forward.

“Yep. It seems one of the bankers, a Grabher, is working for the Nazis. Von Hindenburg gives a number to get access to a bank account to withdraw the cash reward for the successful elimination of us – $3,000,000. Grabher is supposed to tell them something important, a vital secret that no-one else can know about. That’s it. What do you think, Washington?” Smith finished.

Washington chewed on his toast while thinking it over. It was baffling. Why were they attacked? Could it be related to their mission? But how could that be? Whenever they were giving a mission, only the agents assigned the mission and the bosses knew about it – nobody else. Was it related to something else? And how did those people know where they were going to be?  Fsutopia was investigating the possible presence of toxins being unleashed on Berlin, and went missing. At their rendezvous place, these Nazi sympathisers were there. Were they connected? The bank might be a lead to fsutopia. Looking at each of the others, the message was clear: they were going to the bank.

They will look at the stuff from fsutopia in the next chapter.


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    1. It’s something I saw that the Japanese had, so decided that in my story, it is used throughout Europe. I don’t know if it actually is or not. I forgot to research that. What was it like in Germany? Did you enjoy your visit?

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      1. Hey, since you went to Germany, and since I am having some of the story take place in Germany, when you read future chapters taking place in Germany, may you please tell me whether I have gotten anything with the places or locations wrong? I try to research those to be accurate, but just in case I get something wrong, please tell me if you are able to.

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  1. So, is this taking place back in the late 1930s or is this a fantasy along the lines of present day?

    I must say, I enjoy your flair Rue. I’ve always really enjoyed the mix up of the past and present day, along with some “steam punk”. You really hit me with so much imagination.

    Very good Rue.

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    1. This is taking place just a few years into the future, actually, and since I am going to encorporate some conspiracy theories I have heard into “The Inside Job”, one of them is the theory that the Nazis secretly survived and are still around in hiding. I decided that would be a fun theory to explore.

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      1. Are you referring to the fact that South America was a Nazi stronghold, like in Argentina? I was thinking of including the theory that Hitler escaped to South America, especially since I recently watched a documentary proving it.

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      1. Seen and love Indy. Never seen Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (is it a book or a movie? I’ve forgotten). Never heard of the Invisible Man and the others, but I have heard of Cpt. Nemo and the Nautilus from Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

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