ZION Chapter One

This is a reblog of my very first post! It is the very start of the Zion trilogy. I will do two reblogs a month, but because it is around the end of January, I will only do 1 reblog this month, and then do 2 in the following months. “Zion” is by no means perfect, and may need some fine tuning, so to speak, but it has a special place in my heart as it was the start of me finally getting stuck into writing stories and helped me learn a lot of stuff when it comes to writing novels. Plus, it was a lot of fun to write. I hope you enjoy!

Racheal's Novels

G’day to whoever reads this! I was originally going to publish this with a traditional publisher, but decided it is much simpler and cheaper to put up a blog and post my stories on it instead.  ZION is set in the future with a totalitarian government in and a resistance against it. I hope you enjoy this story and please leave a review in the comments below! Now for the first chapter.

13th May, 2036


There was to be a meeting of all countries in the world to try to form a co-alliance of governments or a League of Nations. The leader, or a representative, came to the meeting. The meeting was being held at Perkatan, the most prosperous nation on planet Earth. Perkatan’s leader was called King Ignatius and the meeting was in his palace.

After everyone all sat down, King Ignatius cleared his throat and began to…

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