The Inside Job – Chapter 3

Smith pushed open the door of the library and slowly walked through the aisles. She looked around at all the books, wishing that she could read them all. There was something about books. To her, they were fabulous treasures, timeless, a place where you could get lost in. She was thankful that this library was always open very late into the night.

She pulled out her phone and sent a quick text to Connery.

Arrived at rendezvous. Where are you?

Her phone pinged to signal that a new text had arrived. It was from Connery.

At the adult’s section.

Smith sighed. She knew exactly where in the adult’s section they were (or more specifically he was). She quickly navigated her way to the adults section and sure enough, he was looking through porn novels. She quietly came up behind him, reached around and took the book, shutting it. He turned around, startled. “Wha…?” he said, guiltily.

“Where are the others?” she said as she put the book on the shelf.

“Right here,” said three voices behind her. She had not seen or heard them. She turned around and saw Washington, Lincoln, and Cooper standing around, reading novels. They put them away and all gathered around each other.

“What was that…device?” Washington asked. They all knew what he was talking about.

“I have seen such a device before,” Smith said. “It is basically an electronic crossbow – it shoots arrows with the tips dipped in very lethal poison – it kills the person in a few seconds. It has a limit of eleven shots. It starts firing once it senses movement.”

They were all silent for a few minutes as they digested this information.

“Shall we open the letter from Grandpa?” Lincoln asked. The letter was written by their bosses, whom they jokingly referred to as ‘Grandpa’. Connery pulled out the envelope and ripped it open, pulling out the letter. He opened the letter and he read it and then passed it around to the others. Smith took it from Cooper after she had finished and began to read it.

Dear grandchildren,

You are probably wondering why you all have been called together for a mission. As you all are aware, each of you are secret members of OMEGA-3, a secret international organisation run by the FBI, MI-5, ASIO, ASIS, and the CIA and that you pretend to work for these different organizations, but you really just work for OMEGA-3. We – the ‘grandfathers’ or the leaders of the ‘front’ organizations – have called you all to collaborate together on a mission.

Two weeks ago, one of OMEGA-3’s best agents went missing – fsutopia. Fsutopia was on a mission in Berlin. He was investigating the rumours of a presence of  two of the most lethal plant toxins in the city, along with some of the most deadly poisons in the world. There were rumours that someone was planning to unleash a combination of the plant toxins on the city in the form of rain as the people behind this – whose identities we are not currently aware of – was rumoured to have been able to have control of the weather.

He received a letter from an anonymous source saying that this person – a man – had knowledge of fsutopia’s mission and could help him. Fsutopia went to meet the informant, but went missing.

We want you to go to Berlin and find out what happened to fsutopia. Fsutopia had sent us copies of everything he had discovered up to his disappearance. We have sent you copies in this letter.

May God be with you.

I do not know if such a secret collaboration of the above mentioned spy organizations exists. I made it up for the story.


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      1. I realised what it meant afterwards. I know I’ve done sci-fi, dystopian, comedy, dark and emotional and now spy-thriller-conspiracy story (“The Inside Job”), but I don’t recall fantasy?

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    1. Thanks! Who knows? I would be very amused if there was such an organisation as OMEGA-3. Either way, I had fun making up the thing about the common spy organisations being fronts and that they are all secretly running one big international spy organisation.

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