The Ruins

Hello! Welcome to all my new followers! Thank you for following me. As I do now at the start of each new story, here is a list of my previous stories that I have published on here:

I have been nominated again for the “Tell the Story” challenge by Tales From the Mind of Kristian.

The rules are to write a story based on the picture you were given, nominate at least three others and give your nominees a picture to write a story about. It has to be a different picture to the one you got. It’s a lot of fun.

Here is the picture that I was given:



“Sarah! Get off your phone!”

“But, Muuum…” Sarah whined with big puppy dog eyes. Gee. For a sixteen-year-old, she’s still a child the mother – Erin – thought, giving her daughter her no-nonsense face.

“Uncle Dave will be here in a few minutes to take you and your brother on the road trip to look at castle ruins. Now, go and pack like I told you an hour ago,” Erin instructs.

“I already did.”

She can’t be serious. Erin looks at her daughter to see if she’s joking. No, she’s entirely serious. “Are you feeling alright?”

Sarah, who’s eyes were riveted on her phone again, looked at her mother incredulously without turning her head. “Of course,” she said warily, then her eyes went back to her phone.

Erin wisely did not comment. “Turn off your phone. I want you and your brother standing out the front ready to go the minute Dave pulls in that driveway,” she instructed, and continued reading the magazine.

“Do we have to go?”

Erin slapped her forehead and turned to her son – Paul – who had suddenly appeared next to Sarah. He had headphones draped around his neck. “Not you too.” She let out an sigh. “Look, for the millionth and last time, it will do you both a world of good.”

“What about my boyfriend?” Sarah asked.

Oh, for the love of Pete! I know people say that God only gives people only what they can handle, but I don’t believe that. If it was true, He wouldn’t have given me those two.

“You can see him when you get back!” Erin irritably replied. There was a honking sound out the front and they heard a car pulling up. “Uncle Dave’s here,” she said as she stood up. Erin held out her hand. “Give it to me.” Sarah and Paul look at their mother like she’s grown two heads and then reluctantly gave her their phones and headphones. “Get your bags and go.”

The two teens huffed and headed for their rooms. They grabbed their bags, and climbed in the car. Erin waved as they drove away. Once they rounded the corner, Erin went back inside and sprawled out on the couch with a smile.

“Peace at last.”


Now for the picture for you guys:


Here are my three nominees:


The Eclectic Contrarian (who happens to be the creator of this game)


And to anyone else who I didn’t nominate who wants to write a story with the picture I gave, go ahead. Feel free. To whoever does this please leave me a pingback so that I don’t miss it. I really would like to read it. If you don’t want to, no hard feelings. It’s entirely voluntary.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


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      1. Hey, did you want to try and write a story with the dragon pic? I know I nominated three people, but I did say that anyone else could write a story with the pic if they wanted. Did you want to try?

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      2. Please don’t take this the wrong way Rue. I know I still have the awards hanging over my head and the Reader Request/Ask Me Anything stuff I have to catch up on.

        But between blogging, podcasts, work and my family, Im gonna need a 26 hour day soon!!!

        It’s not that I don’t want to Rue, its that Im really having a hard time juggling right now. Im having a blast, though!

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      1. I’ve read it. I put up a comment, but once it submitted it, I was suddenly taken to the top of the page instead of being shown the comment at the bottom of the page. Did it go into spam?

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      2. Weird. Well, I said that I loved the story and your imagination. The story was perfect for the picture and that it was a great depiction of life now (minus the dragons).

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      3. Once I saw the picture, I have been sorely tempted ever since to write my own story with it and I have an idea for it, which also combines a picture someone gave in a “Tell the Story” post. Thankfully, the one who gave the second pic left it an open nomination and I am seriously considering writing a story with both pictures in a combined story.

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  1. I recently had an 18 and 16 year old staying with me and they were both glued to their electronics so I can relate to the story well. I actually took them to see the castle ruins that this picture is of and I am their Uncle-in-law, so that is an amazing parallel to the story. Very relatable. 🙂

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