ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Twenty-one

Welcome, all my new followers! Zion: War of Thrones is the last book in the Zion trilogy, so if you want to start reading the trilogy from the very beginning, click here. On with the chapter!

Bellah’s eyes narrowed as he watched the two females through the security camera on the street lamp which the females were standing right next to. What are they doing on that street? He had watched as they had ran down the street. They had been looking for something on the street before the gorillas appeared. What were they looking for?

He suddenly found himself on the floor, his chair toppled over on its side, an alarm blaring. What happened? He pushed himself onto his feet and looked around. The light bulbs had broken, drowning the room in darkness. The only illumination in the room was from the dull blue light from the computer screens. He walked over to the desk. He tripped over the chair and grabbed the edge of the desk, just stopping himself from falling over. The footage of the two females had been moved to the top left-hand corner, while a new video replaced it. On the bottom right-hand corner of the video was the word ‘LIVE’.

In the live video, Bellah saw dead bodies lying around in a hallway. On the floor was a large black scorch mark that had spread up on the walls and on the ceiling. Parts of the hallway near the scorch mark was on fire. Bellah then remembered that as he had fallen to the floor there had been a small earthquake. Bellah looked at the huge scorch mark and the fire. Or, maybe it was an explosion.


Kyen pushed open the big gold double doors and marched straight into the room. Two Super Cyborgs stepped forward and each grabbed one of his arms and lifted him off his feet. One of the Cyborgs pointed a laser gun at him. Kyen was aware of three other Super Cyborgs standing behind him. The Cyborg pointing the laser gun at Kyen scanned Kyen’s hair and eyes. “IDENTIFIED AS KYEN COLLINS.” The Cyborg turned to some people seated around a table. “WHAT ARE MY ORDERS?

“Let him go,” a voice ordered. Kyen could not see who had spoken. The Super Cyborgs put him down and let go of his arms. They stepped aside to let him walk over to the table. “Shut the door,” the same voice ordered. Kyen turned around and saw the Super Cyborgs shut the double doors and bolt them from the inside.

“Why weren’t they bolted before?” he asked.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone step forward. He turned and looked at the person. He recognized him as the Honourable Sethi. The man was short and stooped over a little and was bald. His face was wrinkled. “They weren’t bolted before as we were waiting for the Honourable Christopher Green,” he explained, his voice raspy. Kyen recognized it as the voice who had ordered the Cyborgs to let him go and to close the door. Kyen curled his hand into a fist and clasped it over his heart as a greeting. Sethi slowly raised his hand as greeting and shuffled forward, leaning on his cane. He kept his eyes locked on Kyen.

Were?” Kyen repeated.

“It’s getting too dangerous to keep them unlocked,” Sethi elaborated, shuffling towards Kyen, eyes fixed on him. Kyen gulped. He wanted to take a step back, but he stood still. Sethi’s intense gaze was unnerving. “I’m glad you are safe, Your Eminence,” Sethi continued.

Kyen broke eye contact and walked away, heading over to the table. He studied the faces at the table. He saw Ramses La Magne, William Clayton, Patrick Godfrey and Rowan Ward. He also saw at the table all the members of the Shamrock Council. He bowed slightly in greeting. “What has been happening?” Kyen asked.

They quickly updated him on the intruders in the Peak and in the Palace and the fighting and destruction. So, the Zionists have come, he mused to himself. He thought about Saul and the Collins. How can I get rid of them? He had been going to have Jim, Chris, and the others to dispose of the Collins, but they had been killed by the Collins because Amelia had overheard. How can I get rid of them?

“What should we do, Your Eminence?” Rowan Ward enquired.

Your Eminence…Everyone still thinks that I’m Emperor…

Then the solution came to him.


Out of the corner of her eye, Veronica saw Zipporah suddenly aim her laser gun at one of the gorillas and she pulled the trigger. The laser bolt just bounced off of it and hit a car parked nearby.


Bellah tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Once he had stilled his frustration, he opened his eyes again and looked at the screen. The smoke had cleared. The gorillas were standing there.

But the girls had disappeared.


He kept an eye on the infra-red scan. Where is Petrus, Anastasia, and the Owens going? He looked out of the windshield, and looked down. He raised his eyebrows as he realized where they were headed. He looked back at the infra-red scan and saw Petrus and the Owens’ aircraft descending and circling the Peak.


Zipporah and Veronica ran up the steps of the computer building and then skidded to a stop. “Where’s the door?” Veronica said in exasperation. Zipporah looked at the wall, wishing a door would magically appear. But there was no door. No window. Just a blank wall.

“It must be somewhere else,” Zipporah realized and they darted around the corner and looked at the right side of the building.

“Up there!”

Zipporah’s eyes followed Veronica’s finger and saw what she was pointing at. In the top right hand corner of the wall was a window. “Great! But how do we get up there?”


Alexei threw a grenade through a window, then dove into a nearby alleyway. His ears rang as the grenade exploded. He thought he heard a whistling sound, but thought it was just his ears ringing. Alexei stood up – ears still ringing – and exited the alleyway. He saw shards of glass from the window scattered around on the footpath. Smoke was wafting out of the window. He heard gunshots somewhere else. Good. The ringing has stopped.

He knocked out some shards of glass that were still lodged in the window frame and swung one leg over. Alexei was about to swing the other leg over, when he heard a noise that had not gone away.

He craned his neck as he looked skywards, trying to locate the whistling sound. Alexei looked around, but could not see anything. The whistling noise was becoming louder. Then he caught the glimpse of something.

He quickly lifted his other leg over and into the room. He started running for the other side of the room. There was a loud BOOM! as bricks and Alexei were thrown into the air.


“Make another pass,” Petrus ordered.

Roger that,” the other pilots acknowledged.

Petrus turned off the comms and climbed out of the pilot’s seat. Sergio took over as pilot while Petrus exited the cockpit with a bundle of spare clothes under his arm, and entered the Men’s. He stepped inside a cubicle and shut and locked the door. Petrus quickly undressed, and slipped into a black fighting suit. He unlocked the cubicle and exited the Men’s, and went through the plane and entered the Cargo Bay.

Anastasia, the youth Patrick, and other members of the Owens’ were already in there, all dressed and ready to go. “Put on your helmets,” he ordered. He walked over to a rack that was bolted onto the side of the Cargo Bay. Petrus picked up a Bonehead Fusion helmet and placed it on his head, securing it in place. He looked around at the others. Most of them had put on their helmets. He noticed that Anastasia was wearing a KISS helmet. Petrus silently thought Anastasia’s body-tight suit looked strikingly similar to Black Widow’s suit in Avengers: Infinity War, which was his all-time favourite movie. He turned on the comms in his helmet so he could speak to all the people in the other aircraft as well as the ones around him. “Get your weapons.”


Saul held his breath as he walked over the black scorch marks and past the burning objects. He heard his men coughing behind him. He looked up ahead. He squinted his eyes, trying to see through the smoke and flames. He saw the end of the hallway up ahead. He looked back over his shoulder at his group. They were all covering their mouths and trying to navigate through the smoke and fire. Thankfully, they were all heading in the right direction. Satisfied that his group were holding up, he looked back up ahead.

He saw people up ahead coming towards them. Saul spotted through the smoke guns. Aimed in their direction. He immediately signalled to his men to crouch down, weapons ready. Saul then crouched down, weapons ready, waiting for the smoke to clear enough again to take a shot.

Saul heard gun shots behind him. His men cried out in pain. He swiftly turned around. He felt a extreme sharp pain in the back of his head.

Then everything went black.


Kyen watched as Rowan Ward listened intently to something on his earpiece, gave a quick “OK” and looked across the table at Kyen, who had his right foot resting on a chair and was leaning on his right leg. “The Super Cyborgs have reported that they have killed a group of people that they identified as Saul Collins and some of the others you mentioned,” Ward reported. “They haven’t found all of them. But, they are searching for the rest.”

“Good,” he stated and stood up. He turned to the others. “What…what is the current status of the Zionists?”

Sethi shuffled over. Kyen noted that Sethi was carrying a holo-projector. When Sethi was within arms distance from Kyen, he stretched out his hand and held the holo-projector in his open palm. “Take a look for yourself,” he suggested.

Kyen took the holo-projector from Sethi and turned it on. A blue light shone out of the holo-projector and it drew an outline of a rectangle in the air. Once the rectangle was complete, the blue light retracted back into the holo-projector. Then images filled the rectangular screen. Kyen recognized it as a satellite’s view of the Peak. He saw that some of the buildings destroyed and smoke was rising up into the air. “Zoom,” he commanded.

Obeying his voice command, the satellite’s camera zoomed in on the Peak’s streets. Kyen saw gun fights and people throwing grenades into buildings. “Scan and identify bodies,” he commanded.

“Living or deceased?” a heavily computerised voice asked.

“Both,” he ordered.


I hope none of the Zionists are dead.


“Zip lines!”

Veronica looked at Zipporah and frowned. “What?”

“We can use zip lines to get up there!” Zipporah elaborated.



She waited at the end while the others exited the hallway. René Black stared back into the hallway, stared through the smoke. She could not see him, but she stared at the spot where she knew he was. Where he was lying down – with the back of his head blown off.

Saul Collins.

René and the Super Cyborgs with her had heard some explosions and had went to investigate. They had seen the survivors coming their way, so René had scanned them with her cybernetic eye. Her scan had identified them as members of the Collins bloodline. She had sent some of the Cyborgs with her to go around the back of the Collins group while she and the rest advanced from the front.

Afterwards, René had called it into Kyen, the members of the Court of Scarlet and the Shamrock Council. René followed the rest of the Cyborgs out of the hallway. She stopped in her tracks and consulted her the computer database which was called in human terms ‘the brain’. René opened up the file with the names of all the people she and the other Super Cyborgs were ordered to kill. The ones they had just killed had automatically being deleted from the ‘living’ file.

According to the rest of the ‘living’ file, there were still others around. Where are they?



Alexei stirred. His head felt like it had exploded, gone through the spinning cycle in a washing machine and turned inside out – and in that order. He tried to move his hand to touch his head – but could not move his arm. Alexei frowned, then winced as it caused his head to hurt much more. He opened his eyes and saw that he was lying on his side, some more rubble directly infront of him. No. It was an intact wall. He moved his head slightly. He froze when some dust sprayed on his face. Don’t want to disturb anything, he mentally scolded himself.

He blinked rapidly because of the dust and then noticed that most of his body was pinned under the rubble, except for his head and one of his arms.


What do I do? YEHOVAH, please show me how to get out of here, he prayed.


Where’s the dripping coming from?

Alexei then noticed drops of water dripping down infront of his face and landing on a brick near his face. Alexei then noticed that the water was a strange colour. It was black. He inhaled deeply. Amongst the dust and smell of smoke, he smelt petrol.

He gasped.

Smoke. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And with dripping petrol near him…

Please not ignite!!!!


Anastasia rose from her crouch. She surveyed her surroundings on top of a roof as she pocketed her teleporter. Anastasia had two guns on her belt and two machetes strapped to her back like an ‘X’. She also had a small grappling gun crossbow strapped to her finger less gloves she was wearing. She looked to her left where Petrus was just standing up, not too far away. Anastasia, Petrus, and the others in their aircraft had teleported themselves down into the Peak once the aircraft were over the city again. According to Petrus, people in the other aircraft had done the same, teleporting themselves to different parts of the city.

She noticed that Petrus had two grappling gun crossbows strapped to his back as well as laser guns strapped to his belt. He saw her and walked over. “So,” Anastasia began once he stood next to her. Petrus looked at her expectantly. “What do we do now?”

“Just follow me and remember your training,” he replied, and walked past her and headed for the edge of the roof. Anastasia followed him to the edge where he just stood there, staring down below. We can’t jump one at a time, Anastasia realized. I’d explode. She thought of the explosive in her ear. How am I going to get it out?

“Jump at the count of three,” Petrus suddenly said, silencing her thoughts.

“What?” she asked.


Anastasia then understood. They would jump at the same time.


She took a deep breath. Remember what you were taught.


They jumped off the roof. Anastasia landed in a crouch, straightened up and went over to Petrus.


He circled the Peak. He had been looking at the infra-red scan which he had constantly scanning the skies when he had noticed that several of the aircraft that Petrus, Anastasia and the Owens suddenly seemed to empty itself of most of its occupants. One second they were all in the aircraft – some in the cargo bay – next second most of them had just disappeared. He had scanned the airspace around and underneath the aircraft, but was not able to detect them. What happened to them? They did not jump out. That means…


Which was why he was now circling the Peak, safe for now from prying eyes as his aircraft’s invisibility cloak was on, his prevented even infra-red scans from picking him and his fleet up on radar. He had turned off his own infra-red scan and had put his aircraft on autopilot and was using the ‘zoom’ feature on the aircraft’s windshield to try and spot Petrus, Anastasia and the Owens.

He then spotted two figures running through the streets that were about the same height and build of Petrus and Anastasia. The two figures were keeping to the shadows. He saw that the one that looked like a female had finger less gloves. He zoomed in closer on the fingers and ran a DNA scan, using the DNA scanner device embedded into the windshield.

The results came up as Anastasia Ivanov.

That meant the other person she was with was most likely Petrus.

Zooming on the other person’s helmet, he studied it, then pulled out his phone and hacked into the comms in the other person’s helmet. Once he was in, he turned on the tiny inside video camera inside the helmet. He did not need to do a DNA scan.

It was Petrus Romanus.

Time to let him know who I am.

He called Petrus through the helmet. Brring! Brring!

Petrus then picked up. Petrus’ hologram appeared before him and he knew his hologram was projected in Petrus’ face. He smiled at the look of utter disbelief, confusion, and fear on Petrus’ face at the sight of him. Petrus’ voice travelled clearly over the comms. There was an unmistakable dread in his voice.



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  1. Wait a minute, so this is your third book? I don’t know how I had missed that earlier. That’s absolutely incredible Rue.

    Another fantastic chapter also. I think I’m just more struck that I am now realizing that you’ve already written 3 books!!!

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    1. Thank you so much!! What did you think of the ending with Charles’ reappearance? And what did you think of the reference to “Avengers: Infinity War”?
      I had mentioned in previous “Zion: War of Thrones” chapters (at the start of the posts), that “War of Thrones” was the last book in a trilogy and gave the link to very beginning of the trilogy “Zion”. (They were chapters that you had liked and most of them you had commented on).

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  2. I don’t know why but for some reason today I read that and for some reason it just clicked Rue. I can’t tell you why I missed it before or I just didn’t realize it.

    I’m an imbecile from time to time Rue and this is simply proof of that.

    I’ve never seen Avengers before so that reference is lost on me. Wait a minute, you’ve seen avengers but not Star Wars?

    I did? Honestly, when you post a new chapter, I just read it. Now I’m wondering if I have been reading each chapter as you post it not realizing that I may have read the previous book? Maybe, since I’m reading along and not in a book format but online everything just seems to run together.

    I don’t know what to say Rue. Other than I’ve learned something new.

    As far as Charles goes, no character is ever truly dead or gone unless every other character directly witnessed their demise.

    I wonder what Charles will bring back with him? Has he switched sides? I guess the next chapter will explain.

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    1. That’s quite alright, 007. That happens with me sometimes – I read something, and my mind doesn’t register it, so when someone mentions it, I’m like “huh? where was that?” (I’m not offended – more amused).
      I haven’t seen Avengers (any of the movies) either. I had just been reading about the movies and their characters.
      But, even if other characters witness others demise, it does not necessarily mean the person(s) is dead, as I have seen in movies and books – somehow the person(s) survives.
      I’m glad to see that you are looking forward to the next chapter!

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      1. Thanks for understanding Rue.

        Good, so you haven’t seen avengers either. I was about to say that if you had but had not seen the ORIGINAL Star Wars, then you would want to get professional help!!! LOL

        That’s a good point about Charles. Then again, it’s often harder to bring them back with a believable story on how they escaped at the last second from being killed and where have they been this entire time. So good luck with that.

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      2. That’s ok.
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        I look forward, as always, to your feedback.

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      1. My bad, I guess my comment was too sweeping. I saw avengers when I was in Afghanistan. The latest one though I haven’t. I saw part of black panther, but had to turn it off, it was way too boring. I think I’m all comic book movied out to be honest.

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      2. They get old quick. I guess Superman is fixin to be black soon and so is James Bond. They keep on saying that Captain America is gay and…Black Panther was written by white Jewish guys.

        I can’t watch the comic book movies anymore. Too much politics and nonsense…they attempt to sell virtue at every turn.

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      3. Black panther, a completely homogeneous society…that is hailed as groundbreaking by the MSM and sold as the greatest movie of all time, yet the want the caravan to be allowed entry.

        It’s ok if every other people are homogeneous, expect for the entire western world!

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    1. Thank you so, so much! I really appreciate it! I never would have thought of it as an action movie script – though I really, really hope it becomes a movie!
      It just comes to me easily. Don’t know how to explain it.

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      1. It is purely a gift of God. Agreed, everyone don’t have this imagination capacity. Even if someone can imagine, it is more difficult to articulate it. So I salute your talents and skills. All the best for the rest of episodes.

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  3. You are an amazing writer! I tried so long to write novels and the story begins but ends in my head. I’ve started a few on paper but that’s that. I’m exited reading your story, I’ll be back to read the others. I’m usually the kind of person to start a trilogy from mid-story or the end and then back to the beginning to know what really happened.
    So I’ll be reading the others shortly. Thanks for sharing this freely!

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      1. No. They are pictures of Rue from the Hunger Games movie (I haven’t seen it – just saw the pictures when browsing through Hunger Games stuff on the Net).
        I’m white.

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