ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Twenty-two

"Scanning is complete." "Excellent," Kyen commented. "Provide a list of the names of the living and deceased." "Assembling names from DNA scan." Kyen tried to keep a calm composure. He was really worried about what names were going to be on the 'deceased' list. "Your Eminence?" Kyen saw that the speaker was Agnes Lindsay. "Speak," … Continue reading ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Twenty-two

My First Podcast!!!

Not the best podcast, but it was our first time, so that's our excuse, anyway. I enjoyed it immensely. Here's the link: https://bottomlesscoffee007.com/2018/12/21/jm-from-jms-history-corner-and-rue-from-rachaels-novels-call-in-from-down-under-podcast-episode-20/ Hope you enjoy listening to it!