ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Fourteen


Isaac and the others ran around a corner and stopped. Isaac slowly raised his hands apologetically. Brenda was pointing her Beretta M9 at them, looking scared and tense. “Sorry for scaring you,” Isaac said quietly. Brenda lowered her weapon and exhaled.

“No. I’m sorry. With all this and Jake…” she trailed off, turning away to hide tears that were welling up. Isaac understood how she felt, but the feeling to urgently leave welled up even more. Brenda turned to him and said, “I have a feeling that we need to leave. Someone please help me carry Jake. My shoulders are not in condition.”

Isaac motioned at two of the others to go help carry Jake.


“Saul, what is our ETA?” Mary enquired as she stood at the controls. Saul Collins had taken over for Kyen.

“We are half an hour from the Bay of Bengal, Ma’am,” Saul reported.


He checked his watch again for the umpteenth time. Two minutes.


Dr. Cheung hit send and absentmindedly pushed her glasses further up her nose. She watched the screen to make sure that the codes had been sent to the Tube, then pushed her chair back and stood up. She picked up a clipboard that was on her desk and went over to Min-hyuk and Fumiaki, holding the clipboard underneath her left arm. Min-hyuk and Fumiaki had their heads bent down, close together, quietly discussing something, and Fumiaki was sometimes checking his clipboard. They stopped talking and looked at her as she came over. “I have sent the codes to the Tube. It will start creating her in a few minutes, gentlemen. What is your progress?”

“We have finished constructing the internal organs and had them sent off to the Tube just a minute ago,” and Min-hyuk pointed in the direction of the door, where Dr. Cheung saw someone in a white lab coat exiting the science lab carrying a transparent rectangle container which had the internal organs inside of it.

“Excellent,” Dr. Cheung commented. “Shall we?”


“Come on! Come on!” Isaac urged everyone.

“Almost there,” Brenda muttered to herself. “Almost there…”

They ran through the exit. Brenda turned around and saw the two people carrying her husband lagging behind. She began running back to the station to help.


He mentally counted down. Fifteen seconds.


The two people carrying Jake exited the station. One of them – Carpenter – saw Brenda running towards them as they hurried away. “No! The other way!” he yelled. “I saw on the way out! Bom-”



He dropped to the ground, covering his head. He felt some of the heat, and heard parts of the train station crashing down on the streets. His heart pounded as he desperately hoped one would not hit him. He heard the loud thud – even though he had blocked his ears – of a bit of the station crashing down nearby.

Then a piece of the station landed right on top of him.


A few minutes later…

Alexei tried to sit up, then someone grabbed his arm and helped pull him up. He put his arm around the person’s shoulders to stabilise himself. “It’s alright, Alexei. I’ve got you.”

Oh, it’s Zipporah. He was not thinking properly just then and said quietly, “I just love you.”

Then he realised what he had said.


“What did you just say?” Zipporah asked incredulously.


Fergus began coughing. Alexei looked at him and saw he was coughing into his hand and was unsuccessfully trying to suppress a smile. Alexei glared at him, and Fergus innocently shrugged. “So, how many of us and the rebels died or were wounded?” Alexei asked to change the subject. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Zipporah looked a little disappointed, but he did not want to go there just yet.

“Seven of the rebels wounded – which includes you – and ten were killed,” Fergus replied. Alexei finally looked around him. Dead bodies lay strewn everywhere – most of them the Law Enforcers and super soldiers. He saw the surviving rebels taking the dead rebels away. Tears welled up as he thought of the dead rebels – he did not even know a lot of them. He felt sorry for their families, who would never again see them. Tears began falling as he imagined their grief, felt their pain. I’m sorry that had to happen, he silently thought.

He saw Anastasia coming towards him. She saw him silently crying and looking quite concerned. He cleared his throat and wiped his cheeks quickly with his hand. He took a deep breath to steady himself. “We need to establish a protection around Moscow to prevent further attacks,” he said, switching into commander mode. “Fergus, you, Veronica and Diak need to go and find people to form a protection unit around Moscow. We will need to have a second one inside Moscow as well. We also need to establish some sort of head quarters where we can meet and formulate our next move.” Fergus nodded and ran to get Veronica, Diak, and any others. “And someone needs to call the others to make sure that they are alright.”

“You can talk about all that later,” Anastasia said as she stood infront of Alexei. “Right now, we need to fix you up.”

He opened his mouth to argue, but Zipporah put a finger on his lips to silence him. “No. You need to rest before you give any more orders,” she instructed. No. I need the distraction, he thought.

“Don’t argue. Come on,” Anastasia said as she looped his other arm around her neck and wrapped one of her arms around his waist. He sighed and relented. Zipporah and Anastasia led him over to a nearby footpath and they sat him down. “Let’s take a look.”


Tractatori opened the door and stepped inside the room. He saw Dr. Cheung was finishing dressing the clone while Fumiaki and Min-hyuk were ticking boxes off on Fumiaki’s clipboard. He studied the clone that they had just finished making. She looked exactly like Anastasia Ivanov. Excellent!

Dr. Cheung finished dressing Anastasia’s clone and stepped back to study her. She happened to glance in his direction. “Great Tractatori,” she said as she bowed in obeisance. Min-hyuk and Fumiaki then bowed in obeisance.

“She is perfect. Well done,” Tractatori praised. The clone turned towards him and smiled.

“Now, we can start.”


Anastasia spread the cream over Alexei’s leg. “There. All done,” she said as she screwed the lid back on and stood up. She glanced at him and noticed that he seemed depressed. “Everything okay?”

“I’m fine,” he replied a bit too quickly.

“You sure?”

“I said I’m fine!” he replied. He exhaled. “May I be alone for a little while?” Anastasia nodded and began walking away to help Zipporah. What’s eating him?


That night…

Anastasia shut the door and sat down on the bed. Diak’s sister – Emily – had let them stay at her house in the spare bedrooms. They were setting up the protection unit outside and inside Moscow. Alexei had called the other regions. They had won as well. Anastasia had left Alexei and them to talk over what to do next. They all agreed that the League had to be destroyed, but none of them knew what to do.

But she did. But she also needed to be alone for a while to think things through. She had brought along her holo-projector and she turned it on. A virtual keyboard and a holo-computer screen was projected out. And she began typing out her plan. Anastasia knew that the only way to effectively bring down the League of Nations was to strike at it’s heart – the Peak. Bring that down and the rest will follow.

But, the Peak had high security – and after her escape and all the rebellions happening, the security would be even tighter. How do we get inside to plant it? Anastasia needed a drink, so went to stand up.

But she could not move.

She mentally ordered her limbs to move.

But they would not move.

Anastasia tried hard to move, but it was like she was frozen. She just could not move. What’s happening? Then her hands began typing instructions into the holo-projector. She was deleting everything she had just typed. Stop! STOP!! But it was like her hands had a mind of their own.

Someone’s controlling me, she realised. And making me do whatever they want. I have no control.

She tried to open her mouth to shout for help, but her mouth would not open. She tried again and again to speak, but nothing came out. Whoever was controlling her would not let her speak.

Then suddenly her line of thoughts shifted. She suddenly was not worried about what was happening. She did not think anything was wrong with it. She turned off her holo-projector and pocketed it. They can work out how to destroy the Peak on their won. She pulled out her teleporter and typed in her destination and hit enter.


Anastasia looked around. She was suddenly in a strange room holding her teleporter. How did I get here? she thought. She remembered entering the spare bedroom in Moscow, but after that, she could not remember anything. The room was illuminated by a red light, but she could not determine where the light was.

She heard the sound of decompression as a door opened. She turned around and saw two people in white coats approaching her. She heard a door open behind her. Before she could react, someone grabbed her from behind. One of the two infront of her produced a syringe and injected it into her arm. She instantly froze. She could move her eyes, but nothing else.

The Freeze Serum works every time,” one of them commented in a Mediterranean accent. Then she saw them pull out another syringe and injected her with its contents. Her vision went fuzzy and everything seemed to be spinning. Anastasia saw someone standing in the doorway, watching everything silently.

Then everything went black.

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