ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Thirteen

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Alexei reached the top of the staircase. He saw there was a hallway with rows of doors on either side. But, halfway through the hallway, there was a big hole in the roof. Alexei turned to Fergus. “Okay. Let’s find them and-”

A door was kicked open, cutting Alexei off. A man in a Balaclava burst out, aiming a laser gun at them. More doors opened and four other people burst out of their rooms, brandishing light sabers and laser guns. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Fergus said. “I’m Fergus, this is Alexei, or the Geheimnis.”

The man in the Balaclava looked at him skeptically. “Vesuvius,” he said.

“Oplontis,” Alexei replied.

Balaclava lowered his weapon. “So you are Fergus and Alexei,” he said, looking them over with a critical eyes. “I’m Diak Gavrilov,” he introduced himself. “The other four are my brothers and sister.”

“Great,” Alexei said. “I’m sorry, nice to meet you, but we need to go.”


They were all thrown against the wall. Coughing and groaning, Alexei stood up and surveyed the damage. The far end of the hallway had been hit by some grenade. Stepping over everyone, Alexei went as far as he dared to see the extent of the damage.

The whole other half of the building was destroyed, the rubble lying in the street and an alleyway which was between this building and the one next to it. Some bombs, he thought. He saw the Law Enforcers and the super soldiers fighting the rebels, which were attacking from the front. He turned and walked back down the hallway. “Right. Who’s dead?” he asked.

Fergus did a headcount as he stood up. “No-one,” he reported.

Before Alexei could continue, a voice called down from below. It was one of the super soldiers. “Hey! You two going to be long?” And they heard the person coming up the stairs. Alexei nodded at Fergus, who came over and stood ready just out of sight of the person who was coming up. Alexei stood casually, but gripped his laser gun. The person came into view as he climbed up the stairs. “We’re in a battle with some rebels. Somehow their weapons came back on. I need you two to go back to the station and check on the EMP devices,” the man commanded.

Alexei aimed his laser gun at the man and fired, killing the man. Alexei turned to the others. “Let’s go.”


Ronald and Josephine ran out of the house and immediately dropped to the ground as a spray of bullets came in their direction. They saw the Law Enforcers and super soldiers fighting the rebels. Scrambling to their feet, Ronald fired with his laser bolt, picking them. Josephine’s laser gun was blasted into pieces by another laser bolt. Josephine cried out and clutched her right hand. It had been cut by a piece of her laser gun and blood was coming out.

Ronald grabbed the crook of her right arm and they ran back, Ronald firing at the same time. They ran inside the building and Ronald hid her behind the staircase and had her sit down. He took off her helmet and then gently took her right hand. It had a big cut and he now saw a piece of her laser gun was lodged in the cut. Blood was trickling out around the cut. He looked at her. She was gritting her teeth and had a pained expression on her face. She looked at him in the eye. “Can you get it out?” she asked.

“Yes. It’ll be painful, so brace yourself,” he told her. He gently touched her other hand to comfort her then gripped her wounded hand around the wrist with one hand while he was going to use the other one to pull out the gun piece. “Want something to bite on?” he asked.

“Like what?” Josephine challenged. Ronald looked around. Good point.

“Ready?” She nodded and took a deep breath. Ronald took hold of piece of the gun and slowly began pulling it out. She gasped from the pain and gritted her teeth even more. He was being slow so he would not bump into any nerves or cut anything else. She began breathing rapidly and her face went pale while she tried not to cry out. It was half out.

Josephine’s left-hand knuckles went white as she curled her left hand up into a tight fist.

Three-quarters out.

He finally pulled it out and put it down beside him. Josephine relaxed and wiped her forehead with her good hand. “What can I use to clean and bandage it?” he muttered.

“On the side of my helmet is a storage compartment. When we went under disguise to go on the Magnetic Levitation Trains, we secretly stored some Natural Herbiotic Cream in it. You can just spread it on the cut it will heal it by creating new skin cells,” Josephine informed him. “There are also some cloths in there that you can clean it with. No need for a bandage.”

“Okay. Thanks.”


He paced back and forth as he thought carefully about the situation at hand and all the possible scenarios of how to fix the problem. Around him was the constant hum of computers and monitors, which showed places all around the globe. He was the leader of the Romanus bloodline. The Romanus bloodline specialised in inventions and technology and weapons. They were the real rulers of the world. The Romanus’ had influenced world leaders for centuries – in ancient times, they had been advisors to kings and queens. But in the early 21st century, some of the Romanus’ had invented a mind-control device – which was able to avoid detection by self-encrypting its signal. After it was created, they planted it in the brains of the Collins and Owens, then altered their memories so that they would have no clue about the implant. They had invented the device ages ago, but had not told the Collins nor the Owens until the League of Nations was established and only when the Romanus’ were asked to invent such a mind-controlling device. Then the Romanus’ just pretended to invent it.

He had no scruples over who was the global Emperor and Empress just so long as they could be controlled. He manipulated people to control how events turned out the way he wanted them. Noland and Nora were easy as they were implanted – naturally, there was the occasional hiccup. But Charles had not been implanted, because he was not from any of the three bloodlines, so was an unruly pawn. Charles did what he liked, when he liked, how he liked, ruining his careful plans for the future, especially when he went and implanted Kyen, as he – Tractatori – had not been able to get around to it yet. Tractatori was the world’s best hacker, but he did not know the type of mind-controlling device that Kyen had been implanted with. It had been unique – had a radio signal completely off the charts, and he had never been able to find it so he could hack into it and control Kyen.

Tractatori had had his own bloodline under his control as they were either implanted or were cyborgs, and he had hacked into them all, giving him unlimited access. Except for Petrus. Tractatori seethed as he thought of Petrus. Petrus had somehow found out about the implant and had had it removed. He, too, was an unruly pawn in Tractatori’s games.

After Charles had become Emperor, events quickly became out of his control. And, for once, the Romanus’ were going to become involved in who should become the global Emperor. He had devised a plan to assassinate Charles, but there were problems. First of all, If he assassinated Charles, who was he supposed to put on the throne? He did not want the throne, and none of the Romanus bloodline did. They loved controlling the people in power. Kyen was the heir, but Tractatori did not know the radio signal for his mind-control device, therefore could not hack into it and control him. Tractatori paused as an idea came into his mind. He could always put Kyen on the throne and then do an operation on him to find the device, so he could work out the signal, hack into it and control Kyen. And he could just manipulate his memory afterwards.

Second, he had seen – via the security cameras – that Charles and the workers in the Base had been murdered. He had not seen who had murdered them as he had been watching Kyen and the Collins escape as well as Petrus and the Owens. Someone else had beaten him to it. Who?

Tractatori sat down infront of one of the computers. It showed the fleet that Petrus and the Owens had stolen. They were flying over the Indian Ocean, heading in the same direction as the Silver Dragon. But Kyen and the Collins had not thought to cloak any signals the submarine may emit, also had not put up any invisibility cloaks (and Petrus and the Owens could spot them from the air). But, thankfully, they were smart enough to have a force field around them. Tractatori hacked into the Silver Dragon‘s computer system and turned on the invisibility device as well as the cloaking device so that no-one could detect signals from the submarine. He then leaned back in his chair. He definitely did not want to help Petrus become global Emperor, nor the Owens. Kyen was heir, so he would help him. He had heard from hacking into the Silver Dragon that the Collins had operated on Kyen and that they had taken the device out. Ah, well. I’ll just operate on him again and give him another implant.


The Law Enforcer was running. Having an invisibility cloak on, he was able to move around without being seen. He fired his Shocker with one hand while planting explosives around the station with the other. They could not beat the rebels, so they might as well kill them by destroying the station. The rebels would be buried underneath the rubble. Two others were doing the same thing.

He planted the last one and pulled out a little device and turned it on. The explosives would explode in eight minutes. He looked up and saw a female who had helped that man (oh, yes – Jake) just up ahead. She had a Beretta M9 and a Mossberg 12 gauge and was guarding Jake. Not for long. And he silently ran past and out of the station.


Tractatori headed for the science lab. He needed to kill Petrus and the Owens. But none of the Romanus’ would be able to go near Petrus as Petrus had severed all contact with them and would be suspicious of them. Tractatori knew that they needed someone to be able to go near Petrus to find out his plans and then kill him and the Owens. He had tried hacking into the fleet’s onboard computers to try and cause them to crash at full speed into the ocean, but this fleet of Charles’ had several firewalls and their signals were triple encrypted and gave him massive headaches trying to decode them all that he gave up. It was just too difficult. Even for him.

So, Tractatori had decided that they needed someone Petrus would trust to infiltrate the Owens and find out what Petrus planned to do. And he knew the perfect person.

Petrus had a soft spot for her. He cared for her and had helped her out when Charles had wanted her killed. With all the tests and programming that the League had done on her, she would be perfect for this job. She had also been implanted, so Tractatori was able to control her.

Entering the science lab, he walked straight over to the DNA expert, Dr. Cheung, who was a member of the Romanus bloodline. She looked up at him as he came over and adjusted her glasses. “Nǐ hǎo, Great Tractatori,” she greeted, bowing her head.

“Dr. Cheung, how is she coming along?” Tractatori asked, getting straight to the point. Dr Cheung turned to face the computer screen, which Tractatori saw was split in half. On the left hand side was a rotating image of an adult female with a white background. On the right hand side was an enlarged image of a DNA strand with a blue background. “I have just finished writing the codes based on the bit of DNA of hers that you had collected. I am just sending the codes to the Tube, which will then create her.”

“Wonderful. And what about the internal organs? Like the heart, lungs, etc.?” Tractatori enquired.

Dr. Cheung nodded in the direction of some of her associates. Tractatori looked and saw she was nodding towards two other men – one was South Korean, the other Japanese. “Min-hyuk and Fumiaki are constructing the internal organs right now. I do not know their current progress at the moment, Great Tractatori,” she informed him. He nodded and went over to Min-hyuk and Fumiaki.


Fergus and Alexei exited the building. As soon as they stepped outside, Fergus fired his laser gun at one of the positions of concealment that a Law Enforcer was behind. Alexei began doing the same and they shot at all the places that they could remember where the super soldiers and Law Enforcers were hiding. Diak and his siblings ran out after them and they began shooting at the Law Enforcers and the super soldiers.

A laser bolt skimmed Alexei’s leg and he cried out as he collapsed on the street, clutching his leg. Without thinking, Fergus fired in the direction from where the laser bolt came from and ran over to Alexei. “Just go!” he said between clenched teeth. Fergus did not want to, but they had to keep fighting. He stayed beside Alexei and began shooting the enemy. “I said-”

“I’m still shooting them, just from here,” Fergus replied. Then he smirked. “You can’t be a hero here, sir. You’re not good-looking enough to be one,” he joked. Alexei rolled his eyes, but chuckled.

“I’ll remember that,” Alexei said.


Zipporah and Anastasia ran towards where the fighting could be heard. They rounded a corner and saw dead bodies lying around, ruined buildings and Veronica, Fergus and the rebels attacking the Law Enforcers and the super soldiers. As they ran over to help, Zipporah noticed someone was missing. Where’s Alexei? She did not have time to look for him as Anastasia tackled her to the ground. There was an explosion and then they stood up.

There was a small crater nearby.

Zipporah saw in an upstairs window, the glint of a gun aimed at them. She instantly aimed her grenade launcher and fired at the window. As soon as she fired, she continued running. She saw that Anastasia had as well. A Law Enforcer charged at them with his light saber. Anastasia shot him with a laser bolt.


Isaac Lucas looked around in confusion. The firing had suddenly stopped and it had been quiet for a few minutes. Isaac looked at the others. What’s going on now?

Then he felt that they were supposed to leave. But what if the people who are attacking them are still around? We can’t see them. We’ll be ambushed.

But the feeling that they had to leave immediately grew stronger and stronger. “I think we should leave,” he said.

“But what if they are still here? What if they ambush us? We can’t see them,” someone piped up.

“Look, we have to leave. I think that if they were still here that they would be still shooting at us. We may be ambushed, but we have to leave,” Isaac replied and he turned and began heading out of the station. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the others shrug and follow him. They just needed to find Brenda and Jake.


He checked his watch. Five minutes until the explosives would go off. His friends had better have gotten out. He ducked behind a building and peered around it. He had to make sure it worked and that they were dead. He checked his watch again. Just over four minutes left.


Tractatori turned away and walked out of the science lab, shutting the door. Everything was nearly complete. His second-in-command – Velius Vacarius – came up to him and bowed. “Great Tractatori,” Vacarius greeted.

“What is it, Vacarius?” Tractatori questioned.

“The rebels and the Zionists are winning the battles with the Law Enforcers and super soldiers,” Vacarius reported. Tractatori groaned and put a hand to his head. Things were becoming drastically out of hand. He had not been worried when the Zionists first appeared. He was positive that they would have been stopped long ago. But, the Zionists proved to be unstoppable. And now the rebels were also proving to be an unstoppable opponent. Hell, he silently cursed.

Tractatori then realised something. His plans for that female could be used to help him sort out the problem of the Zionists. Excellent!

In case anyone is curious, Tractatori is Latin for ‘Manipulator.’ I should also mention that the idea of the Romanus’ creating a clone of someone from a small bit of DNA was inspired by one of realitydecoded’s articles:



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