He opened his eyes. There was a bright light directly above him. He squinted and turned his head away, holding one of his hands up to protect his eyes. There was a dull throb at the back of his head. He realized that he was lying down on a bed, covered up with a quilt.

Then it all came rushing back – sneaking over to Antarctica, teaming up with the Collins, a fight, escaping in a submarine, and being knocked out for an operation. Kyen sat up. I wonder how the operation went? Pulling back the quilt, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. He looked around and saw the only door was to his left. Kyen started to head over there when everything swirled around him and he clutched his head. He turned around to go back to bed, when he stumbled and fell down.


Jake opened his eyes. His whole body hurt and he was having trouble thinking. Where am…what am I doing? Where…is Bren…what…her name again? He felt a pair of hands grab him under the armpits and begin dragging him across something bumpy. “Come on, you big ox!,” muttered a female voice close to his ear. She sounded like she was struggling to hold him up, but she sounded really happy.

“Who are you?” he tried to say, but his tongue would not work and it came out as a unintelligible slur even to his own ears. He received a grunt as an answer and then he was lifted up onto a platform.

Then he passed out again.


Brenda had just been about to help Jake down onto the train tracks when there was an explosion, throwing them both onto the tracks. She had fallen on her back, which caused her neck and shoulders to really hurt. She had now lifted him onto the other platform and was dragging him because of her shoulders. Brenda dragged him under the archway and then dropped down on the floor, panting from the exertion.

Jake stirred and blearily opened his eyes. “Brenda?” he asked. His voice was a thick slur, but she just understood him.

She felt so relieved. Tears began trickling down her cheeks. She reached out and touched his face. “I’m here,” she said. Her voice caught on the words and she began silently sobbing as she buried her face in his chest. His hands slowly touched her head and began stroking her hair.

“What are you crying for?” he asked.

She could not help chuckle. “Because I thought I had lost you,” she sniffled as she sat up and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“How did I get here?” Jake asked quietly.

“I took you over here for protection. I had to drag you part of the way, though.” She shook her head. “You really should not eat so much,” she teased.

He smiled as he closed his eyes. “You’re not guilty of that, are you, honey?” he shot back before passing out again. She half-smiled at that as she caressed his face. Brenda propped him up against the wall. She could not take him any further because her shoulders were burning and she did not want to wake him up as he needed the rest. She took her Beretta M9 and loaded it with more bullets. She double-checked that the safety-catch was off, then did the same for her Mossberg 12 gauge. She was going to protect her husband at all costs.


Alexei and Fergus positioned themselves on either side of the door to one of the buildings. On both sides of the street, some of the soldiers were positioned by the doors to charge in and kill the occupants while the rest were positioned in places of concealment in the street for back-up and to kill any rebels that ran out of the buildings. Alexei discreetly glanced at some of the buildings where some of the rebels were in hiding as snipers. Why hadn’t Anastasia and Zip disabled the EMP yet? he thought, worried. His eyes met Fergus’. Alexei could see the same concern in his friend’s eyes. Please protect and keep them, YEHOVAH, he quietly prayed.

The super soldier who, so far, had been commanding them, turned on the comms built into all of their helmets. “Do it in fourteen. Thirteen. Twelve…”

Hurry up, Anastasia and Zipporah!


Zipporah struggled to get up. She could not see anyone, yet someone or something was pinning her to the floor. Then, arms began materializing before her eyes. Then a neck, a head and the rest of the body very quickly followed. She fought to get up, but he was stronger.


“Nine. Eight.”


Anastasia’s attacker materialized as well. She pushed him off and flipped over onto her feet. The guy swung his leg. She caught it. He then swung his other leg up, hitting her in the face. She stumbled back, her nose bleeding.




The man punched her in the face. He wrapped an arm around her throat from behind and began choking her while holding her firmly with his other arm. She could not move. He kept applying pressure, cutting of her oxygen.




Zipporah pushed the man off. She scrambled to her feet and slammed his head against the floor. He was knocked out. She looked over at Anastasia, and saw a man was choking her. Zipporah looked around for her laser gun which she had accidentally dropped when they were attacked.

But she could not find it.


“Four. Three. Two. One. Now!!!”

Not having much of a choice, Fergus slung a rifle off of his shoulder and fired a breaching round at the lock and door handle. They were blown off and he kicked the door down. Alexei and Fergus rushed inside and up the stairs. “We’re not going to kill them. We’ll give them some of the weapons to fight with,” Alexei said.


“YAH, where is it?” Zipporah prayed as she frantically searched for the laser gun.

“Zip,” Anastasia pleaded in a strangled voice. Zipporah briefly looked up at her and fear rushed through her as the light faded from Anastasia’s eyes.

“It’s behind you,” YEHOVAH told her. Zipporah looked behind her and saw that her laser gun had slid across the floor several feet away. She ran over and picked it up. She made sure it was still turned on and turned back to shoot the man, but Anastasia was in the way.

Anastasia’s eyes met Zipporah’s. “Shoot…him,” she said through gritted teeth.

Making a split second decision, Zipporah gripped the laser gun and ran over to Anastasia and the man. Once she was in range, she swung the laser gun like a club and smashed it into the back of the man’s head. The man dropped, unconscious. Zipporah pushed the man off of Anastasia. Anastasia was gasping for breath, her hands touching her throat. “Destroy the devices for Pete’s sake,” Anastasia gasped.

A voice spoke behind them. “Not a good idea.”


As the door swung open, Ronald fired a laser bolt at the door. He then immediately dropped to the floor, covering his head as the laser bolt obliterated the door. Bits of debris hit him, some flew over him.

He got up and looked down at the intruder. The intruder was a super soldier, who was starting to stand up. Ronald fired another laser bolt, but the super soldier dove out of the way just in time. “Stop! Stop!”

It’s a female, Ronald realized. “Why should I?” he asked, still aiming the laser gun at her.

“Because I am Josephine La Magne,” she replied, standing up. He recognized the name. David had told him that Josephine would be coming over to them to help. David had also sent him a holo-photo of her so that he would recognize her. Before he could ask her to take of her helmet, she did. It was Josephine. She glared at him. “What kind of welcome do you call that?!?” she snapped, putting her hands on her hips.

Someone’s got spirit, he thought. Ronald crossed his arms across his chest. “How was I supposed to know?” he countered, raising an eyebrow.

She glared at him, not having any decent arguments. She let out a huff, then looked around the room. “Good. Your weapons are back on,” she commented, still sounding angry at him. Josephine looked back at him. “Let everyone know that it’s time.”

Nodding, Ronald touched his ear, where a communicator the size of a piece of rice was. “Start now,” he ordered then turned it off.


Zipporah and Anastasia turned around and saw the two train drivers standing behind them, Shockers pointed at them. They must have heard the fight, Anastasia thought as she rose to her feet. The drivers then looked confused as Anastasia and Zipporah were disguised as Law Enforcers. The drivers hesitated.

That was all they needed.

Zipporah and Anastasia punched them in the face and yanked the Shockers from the drivers grasp. Anastasia saw out of the corner of her eye Zipporah go over to the grenade launcher. One of the drivers started walking off to the right side, her eyes always on Anastasia. Anastasia kept an eye on both of them. The female stopped and just stood there. The man charged at her with a dagger. She fired a laser bolt, which hit the man, killing him.

From her right, there was a flash of sliver. She turned and an instant later ducked – but not soon enough. The dagger’s blade cut her cheek as it flew past. It then hit one of the walls and fell on the floor near Anastasia. The female – who had thrown the dagger – dove towards Anastasia to slam her into the wall. Anastasia stepped aside and ran over to the dagger and scooped it up. The female hit the wall, then stood back up and charged at Anastasia again.

Anastasia threw the dagger. It flew end over end and hit the woman in the stomach. Her hands flew to her stomach and then she dropped dead. At the same time she died, Zipporah fired the grenade. A few seconds later, there was an explosion, which destroyed the devices.

Anastasia let out a breath she had not realized she was holding and she slumped against the wall. She then remembered her cut cheek and touched it. Her fingers came away with some blood on them. She looked over at Zipporah. “How’s my cut?” she asked. Zipporah came over for a better look.

“There isn’t too much blood. Don’t worry,” she reported. Zipporah turned on a little communicator on her ear. “Alexei, it’s done,” she said into the communicator. She paused to listen. Anastasia looked at the dead bodies. She felt sorry for them – in the sense that they had been brainwashed – maybe literally, considering the League – into thinking that the League of Nations was good. Were they like me and grew up in the Peak? Were they taken away from their parents as children? What would have their lives been like if the League of Nations had not been implemented? she could not help wonder. What would my life be like right now if the League had not been created?

“Anastasia?” Zipporah said. Anastasia looked over at her. “We now need to go and join in the fight.” Anastasia nodded and followed Zipporah to the station’s exit, pushing the questions that swirled through her head to the back of her mind.


He was lying on something soft. “Kyen?”

Kyen opened his eyes and saw his grandmother, Mary, sitting beside him. He was lying down in bed. He began to sat up. “Not too quickly,” she cautioned. Kyen fully sat up. He saw his cousin, Amelia, standing off to the side, near the door. “How are you feeling?” Mary enquired.

“Alright. Now. What happened?” Kyen asked.

“You passed out and collapsed on the floor. Apparently trying to leave the room,” Mary informed him.

“Was it in there?” he asked, looking at her.

It took her a second to realise what he was talking about. “Yes, Kyen. The rumours were true,” she replied.

“Were you able to take it out?” Kyen questioned.

Mary nodded. “Are…Are you recovered enough to tell us where we are going? You put the Silver Dragon on auto-pilot and we have no idea where we are going,” she queried.

“You didn’t disable it, did you?” he asked urgently. Mary shook her head.”Were any of you two aware of secret tunnels that ran from the palace to all around the world?” Mary and Amelia both thought carefully and both shook their heads. “Well, we are heading towards one of them. We will dock in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. A short distance from the bay is an entrance to one of the tunnels and it will lead us to the Peak.”

“And what about those war machines that we have brought along with us?” Amelia questioned.

Kyen turned and looked at her. “Some of the Collins will operate the war machines and distract the League so that we can slip through the tunnel and into the Peak unobserved.”

“And how are they supposed to distract the League?” Mary queried. Kyen looked back at her.

“Start a fight with the League. Make an appearance. Do something that will cause the League to focus all their attention and resources on the war machines so that we can slip inside and attack them from underneath. Once we have started attacking from underneath, the war machines will attack from the front,” Kyen replied. “Once we dock, I will hack into the Peak’s systems – covering my tracks of course – and see if there is anything going on that the war machines can participate in.”

Mary leaned back in her chair and thought about what her grandson had just said. She then stood up. “I will inform the rest of the Collins about your plan.” And she and Amelia left the room. Kyen sighed and rested his head on his hands. My plans had better work.


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