Jake Butler took the coil of rope out of his backpack and zipped it up. He tied one end of the rope to the archway he sat on and then threw it down. Once it had unfurled, he leaned down and gave it two sharp tugs with one of his hands. The knot remained secure. He took hold of it with both of his hands and slid off the archway. He began climbing down.


He adjusted his sights on the Shocker, making sure his target filled the sights. He was positioned in the archways. He chuckled quietly. Charles had ordered that some of the Law Enforcers hide amongst the stations in the regions that they were going to attack. They were using invisibility cloaks to remain hidden. They also had protective shields on that would protect their technological weapons from the EMP. They were to keep guard over the EMP devices at all costs. They had seen the rebels take positions throughout King’s Cross Station. They had decided to let them live a little longer for the sake of a little taunting game with them.

He just had to wait for his friend to fire first.


Brenda North watched as Jake climbed down the rope. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of light. Curious, she turned to look.

A…laser bolt?!? was heading straight for…

“Jake, watch out!!!”


Jake thought he heard Brenda shout something. What had she said? Sounded like a warning. Glancing up, he had no time to react as the laser bolt hit the rope, cutting through it.


He watched as the guy fell down and hit the platform, rolling a few feet. The man stopped, but would not get up. Is he dead? he wondered after there was no movement for a couple of minutes. The guy then stirred and then propped himself up on an elbow. Shrugging, he fired.


Anastasia looked around as they walked through the terminal. There were little stores in it with glass walls selling clothes, Pepsi, etc. There were potted plants in rows on the right-hand side. There were two escalators ahead of them by the left and right walls, which led up to the second level. They passed the security check-point, then ducked out of sight. Zipporah peered around the corner into the platform where the trains came and went. She then turned back and leaned against the wall. “The two drivers are still there!” she whispered.

“They are probably staying here so that they can take any surviving troops back to the Peak,” Anastasia theorised. “Or, maybe they are guarding the EMP devices. Or have just been ordered to stay here.” She closed her eyes. “So, what are we going to do?”

“Well, the two drivers are still there, so we can’t go over to the devices and turn them off like we had been planning to do,” Zipporah thought out loud. Anastasia opened her eyes and saw Zipporah had put her hand to her forehead and closed her eyes as she thought about what they could do. “We’ll have to destroy it.”

“Remind me again why we decided to hack into the devices to turn off the EMP, instead of just destroying them?” Anastasia interrupted. That’s what I would do first off, she thought.

“Because Einstein wants the devices to study them and see if we can use them against the Peak,” Zipporah replied, rubbing her forehead. “You were there when W.J. mentioned that.”

“Yes. But the League, with the devices they create, they always have some sort of dangerous catch to it in case it falls into enemy hands. It probably won’t be safe to bring it to Zion II,” Anastasia protested.

“Well, we are supposed to turn it off, but at the moment the only way for us is to destroy it,” Zipporah said, more to herself. “Einstein will just have to forgive us.”

“Great,” Anastasia agreed, sounding relieved. In no way did she want to have a League of Nations device in Zion II. “So, how do we destroy it?”

Zipporah sighed. “I don’t know.”


Brenda sighed in relief as she saw Jake start to stand up. She had almost run out to go to him, but had stopped herself when she saw that Jake was alright.

An electric bolt hit Jake in the chest, throwing him to the platform in spasms and convulsions.

Without thinking, she ran out of cover to go help Jake. She threw herself to the platform and rolled as two laser bolts hit the spot where she had been just before. She scrambled to her feet and ran. She swerved to the left as a spray of bullets came at her from the right. She ducked as an electric bolt and a laser bolt passed just an inch above her head.

Brenda was now eleven feet from Jake.








A laser bolt skimmed the back of her neck and shoulders. She was thrown to the ground and she slammed into Jake. The pain from the laser bolt was excruciating. White pinpricks of light filled her vision. The sounds of fighting around her faded out as she felt herself passing out. She welcomed the thought.

Then the pinpricks of white light faded away and the sounds of fighting grew louder. Fighting? Brenda saw her friends firing around, trying to hit their opponents, who had to be Law Enforcers or super soldiers who were the ones who had the protection against the EMP. Stupid idea, fighting. We can’t see them. Her shoulder and neck was throbbing and felt really hot. Well, I always wanted a tan, she thought. She turned over and looked at Jake. She gasped. His face was very pale, his veins were now very noticeable against his paleness. A small trickle of blood was coming out of his mouth and travelling down his cheek and down his chin. She pressed two fingers to his neck. There was still a pulse, albeit a faint one. She looked around. Where can I hide him?


Zipporah groaned in frustration. YEHOVAH, please give us an idea. They needed the lasers or something to destroy the EMP devices, but no lasers or other such weapons were working except…

“I know what to do!”


“How long?” Barry politely asked.

“Hacking is not a five-second job,” Tyler replied as he worked on his second container.

“Well, actually, that depends on how well or how poor the firewall and its ports have been programmed,” Shirley corrected.

“How’d you mean?” Barry enquired, genuinely curious as he knew nothing about hacking. The other rebels were standing around, guarding them.

“Basically, a firewall is meant to stop unwanted people gaining access to a website, system, etc. Or to stop viruses. The ports are ways of access or exits to the website, system, etc. They are programmed to operate by a set of rules and it uses that set of rules to determine who or what is allowed in. Whenever someone tries to gain access via the firewall’s ports, the firewall immediately blocks the person if it goes against what the rules say is required to be allowed in,” Shirley explained.

“We’ve been gently prodding each of the ports to test what rules there are. Don’t worry – the prodding is extremely gentle. The League won’t know what we are trying to do. We’re also doing that to see how well it’s been programmed. If the programming and codes have been written out correctly, there will be no weak spots or ‘chinks in the armour’ in the firewall’s ports. But, if it has been poorly written out, there will be gaps in the ports for us to slip through,” Tyler added.

“And, if you find a hole in these ports, what do you do then to slip through?” Barry enquired.

“If we find out, we then establish a foothold in the network and create encryption tunnels so we can slip through the firewall unnoticed,” Shirley explained. “So far, its all been programmed perfectly,” she muttered.

“That’s a darn shame,” Tyler commented. He leaned back. “I’m finished.”

“And what if there is no way through the firewall?”

“Well, we leave it alone and find another way in,” Tyler replied, standing up. “But, the only way to access these devices is through the firewall.”

“Ah! I’ve found a gap!” Shirley exclaimed and began a flurry of typing. Barry turned his attention back to the others keeping watch around them.

“Anything?” he asked.

His great-nephew, Robin, shook his head. “I can’t see anything or anyone else around.”

“You are catching on fast, Robin,” Barry praised. “Ronald’s going to be pleased. I’m surprised you are working with him.”

Robin stiffened at Ronald’s name. “When it comes to something like this, you sometimes have to work with certain people,” Robin stated rather tersely.

“Barry! It’s done. We’ve turned them off,” Shirley announced.


Brenda then spotted an escape route for Jake. She and Jake were on the middle platform. She would have help him off that platform, across the tracks, up onto another platform and through one of the archways leading away from the station. From there, she should be able to find a hiding place for Jake. She just had to make it across without her and Jake getting killed.


She aimed her grenade launcher at the female and the guy. The man was being held up by the female, who was gritting her teeth and looking like she was in pain. She was just about to squeeze the trigger when she had to drop down as some stray bullets zipped past her head. When she hit the platform, she accidentally fired her grenade launcher. She then realised where the grenade was heading. Oh no!

She watched in growing despair as the grenade slammed into the platform in the centre of the EMP devices. Then it exploded.


Ronald’s grinned as his light saber and laser gun suddenly came back on. Bless you Dad! he thought. He thought of Robin, his nephew, but quickly pushed him out of his mind. It’s entirely my fault what happened between us. Move on, he told himself. Some super soldiers and Law Enforcers marched into the dirty street. They stepped over the rubbish and rubble strewn around the street.

Taking careful aim, he opened fire on the ones in front. The other rebels in hiding around the street began firing at the enemy. The Law Enforcers and super soldiers seemed startled, but quickly began returning fire.


Ronald moved away from the window to listen. A floorboard somewhere in the building he was in had creaked. Or was it the staircase? And only him and two others were in the building and the other two would not have moved from their posts during a crossfire.


His eyes went towards the door to the room he was in. It was shut. The creaking was getting closer. Whoever was there was generally silent, but with all the firing going on, no-one was really going to notice a creak. And his room was closest to the stairwell. He silently went across the room and leaned his ear against the door. Someone’s climbing up the staircase.

Ronald immediately flattened himself against the wall by the door. He heard faint footsteps coming up the staircase. He gripped his laser gun. The footsteps stopped outside his door. He then realized that he had left his light saber on the other side of room, underneath the window.

He saw the door knob start to slowly turn.


Zipporah and Anastasia pointed their grenade launchers at the EMP devices. They made sure their inclination was correct.

Then something dropped on top of them, pinning them to the floor.


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