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Kyen exited the Lounge Area and, after remembering that the Collins would be locked up, strode confidently towards the prison. He had visited the base several times before he had to run from Charles, and knew the place like the back of his hand. Upon arriving at the prison, the guards saluted him. “Bring to me Peter Collins immediately!” he barked.


Andrew/Doc entered the Control Core. “Did you call for me?” he asked, addressing David and Anne.

“Yes,” David said as he nodded at a nearby chair. “We have something important to discuss with you. It’s to do with Kyen.”


Charles buckled up and sat back as he waited for the pilots to finish the pre-flight checklist. He tapped his foot impatiently. Hurry up!


Two guards led Peter Collins over to Kyen, and the guards went back to their posts. Kyen knelt down on one knee infront of Peter, took Peter’s hands and pressed them against his forehead. “Grandfather,” he greeted.

He then stood up. “Do not bow before me,” Peter reprimanded. “Now that you are the global Emperor, you are now the leader of the Collins line.” Kyen took Peter by the arm and walked with him until he was sure they were out of earshot of the guards. Then he turned to face Peter.

“Grandfather, I am not the Emperor. But I plan to be. Long story short – Charles killed my parents to become the Emperor and tried to kill me, but I escaped. Someone has taken over as Emperor and is pretending to be me. I think it is extremely likely to be Charles. I need the Collins help to take back the throne,” Kyen whispered urgently.

“Done,” Peter agreed. “But how do you plan to get us out?”

“Someone’s holographically disguised as me. Everyone thinks that I am Emperor.” Kyen looked at the guards. “Guards! Release all the Collins!” They nodded and hurried to obey.


“Andrew, do you have any clues to what he’s up to?” Anne asked gently.

Andrew thought for a moment. “No. I’ve known him for ages. He was always secretly against the League and wanted to destroy it. He, my sister Lucy, and I were the ones that would help organise some of the rebellions. I don’t understand what he’s doing.”

“And, how exactly did Kyen, you, and Lucy communicate if you lived in one of the regions and Kyen in the Peak?” David queried.

“We both had untraceable phones. He gave two to me and Lucy when we met when he had visited our region with his father years ago. But, the phones were destroyed by the incident that killed Lucy…” His voice trailed off as images of his dead sister flashed through his mind. Her vibrant smile. Her as a baby. Them playing as kids. Then the terrified look in her eyes when their eyes met just before the cybernetic creature killed her. I’m sorry, Lu. We should never have let you go ahead.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

A holographic image of Alexei appeared. He was using an untraceable signal. “I have an idea.”


The plane landed. Petrus exited the plane. Outside, a group of armed guards arrived. He opened his mouth to speak, but the guards all aimed their weapons at him. “Romanus, please come with us quickly and quietly!” ordered one of the guards.


Kyen led the group of Collins with Peter just behind him. Two female soldiers came over to him and bowed in obeisance. “Your Eminence. Our deepest apologies for not greeting you before. We were not aware that you had arrived yet,” they apologised.

“You are forgiven,” Kyen said. Wonder what the other ‘Kyen’ is planning on doing?

“Sire, Petrus Romanus has arrived. The others are taking him to the prison as you ordered,” one of them reported. So, Petrus is rebelling?

“Excellent. I assume you know what the Silver Dragon is.” The one who had reported about Petrus nodded. “Good. Take me and the Collins to it.” Then he looked at the second one. “You run ahead and start the loading of the Beetles, Crabs, Geckos, and some of the Dragons on it. Also, make sure weapons and the military equipment are loaded on to the Silver Dragon as well.”

She bowed and swiftly ran to the Launch Bay.


After the vehicle drove off the lowered platform and the platform ascended, the soldiers stepped out of the parked vehicle and opened the passenger door. Petrus climbed out of the vehicle and stepped into the Underground Base. He followed the guards out of the room, then heard an announcement over the Intercoms.

“Columbus 8-3-7-5, prep for departure. Emperor Kyen is coming into land.”

Charles is coming, Petrus thought, beginning to tremble as what punishment methods Charles would enforce before killing him really hit him. Crap! What have I done? I didn’t plan for this! Petrus berated himself. They rounded a corner and the guards suddenly pulled him aside. They are going to kill me, Petrus thought. They stood rigid to attention, then knelt down on the floor in obeisance. One of the guards – who looked really confused – yanked Petrus to the floor, forcing him to kneel. Huh?

Petrus glanced up to see who was passing by. What!?! Passing by them was Kyen!?! with a group of people. Wait. Those are the Collins! Charles was coming disguised as Kyen. So, how did he suddenly turn up here? Unless…one of them is the actual Kyen. And why would the Collins be released? Charles would never do that. They were a threat to his reign. So, the one that just passed is the real Kyen. Why would he release the Collins?

Before he could think about it any further, he was yanked to his feet by one of the soldiers. The soldiers were muttering amongst themselves, looking very confused about the whole thing. Seeing his chance, he grabbed the guns from the two nearest guards and shot them. He then quickly shot the other guards. He then ran for the prison, making sure to shoot every security camera he saw.


The Launch Bay was a big port on the Antarctica coastline. But they used holotech to hide it from view. Kyen watched as Peter, the Collins, and the female soldier drove the Beetles, Geckos, Crabs, Dragons, the weapons and military equipment onto the Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon was a submarine, large enough to carry two hundred people, the weapons and military equipment, and the Beetles, Dragons, Crabs, and Geckos, which were large war machines. They were almost finished loading. It would just be a few more minutes.


Charles was rather baffled. Ever since he had entered the Underground Base disguised as Kyen, people had been doing double-takes and looking at him rather confused, but would not comment. They knew he was coming, so why was everyone so confused when he arrived? Did they have that short a memory?

He stopped mid-stride and turned around. He knelt down and turned the corpses over. Five guards – all shot in either the heart or the head. He looked at the soldier who was accompanying him. “Who were these people?” he questioned.

“The guards who were taking Petrus to prison,” the soldier said quietly.

Then, where’s Petrus? He stood up. “Get me the security footage for this area,” he ordered.

“There is a slight problem with that, Your Eminence,” the soldier stated.

“DO AS I TELL YOU!!!” Charles shouted, whirling around to strike the soldier on the face. He stopped himself just before he hit her as he noticed she was looking rather alarmed and pointing up at the walls. Turning around, he realized she was pointing at the security cameras. And he soon saw why.

The camera was shattered. Meaning no footage. He pulled out his phone. “Francis, this is Kyen. Put this place in lock down. And find Petrus Romanus!”


Pressing himself flat against the wall, Petrus peered around the corner. The guards outside the prison looked on edge. He took a deep breath and strode confidently forward. The guards saw him and raised their weapons. “You are under arr-”

He raised the two guns and fired, killing them. He went over to the prison door. But, to open the prison door, a hand had to be placed on a biometric scanner and it would only open to any of the guards’ DNA. Going back over to the dead guards, he bent down and picked up one under the armpits, dragged him over to the scanner and placed one of the hands on the scanner.

The door slid open and Petrus dropped the corpse on the floor. He stepped through the door and began heading for the white-padded rooms where the Owens were being held. A shrill alarm blared. “Attention: Base lock down is in progress,” a monotonous computer voice announced.


Kyen, Peter, and the Collins ran up the walkway and onto the Silver Dragon. Kyen opened a hatch. “Get in!” he ordered and people began quickly scuttling down the ladder and into the submarine. They had finished loading the weapons, military equipment, and the war machines, but some still carried weapons.

“Kyen?” Peter whispered. “We’ve got company.”

Kyen looked up. Soldiers were rushing into the Launch Bay. “Everybody with weapons, get ready and take aim!”


After all of the Owens were out, Petrus threw the keys away. “Come on!” he shouted as he and another of the Owens helped Lord Owens along. The other Owens searched the dead guards, taking any of the weapons they could find. “I know where the Shockers are stored!” he shouted. “Follow me!”

Charles, under the guise of Kyen, and a swarm of soldiers stormed around the corner towards them.



Kyen, Peter, and the Collins pressed their thumbs on a silver button on the Shockers, and electric bolts shot out of the guns and hit the front soldiers. They fell down in spasms and convulsions. Kyen ducked as a bullet missed his left ear by an inch. He began lowering some people through the hatch. The others fired around him. “Grandfather! Get in there now!” he ordered sternly.

“No way! Get everyone else in first!”

“That’s an order!”

Peter started to turn to argue when a bullet flew through the air and hit him in the shoulder. Peter clutched his shoulder, but blood still seeped through his fingers. Kyen grabbed his grandfather and climbed down through the hatch. Everybody else dropped through it and closed the hatch. Kyen handed Peter to some of the Collins that he knew used to be doctors and rushed through the submarine to the controls. With his first cousin, Amelia, as co-pilot, he turned on the engines and the Silver Dragon disappeared under the water.

Amelia put the engines on maximum power. “So, now what?” she asked.

“I’ll explain on the way,” Kyen promised.


Jemima turned on the Intercoms. “Everybody, get ready! We’ve crossed the border into Russia!”


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      1. They enjoyed it. Growing up watching Indiana Jones, Star Wars and other action adventure movies, this is right in line. It really is a fun read, to picture in your mind. I couldn’t tell you what my kids were imagining, but I can tell you, they were hanging on every word.

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      2. For sure. I only consider episodes 4-6 as actual Star Wars, the rest, meh, light entertainment at best. If you’ve never seen star war, then don’t watch it. I don’t want it to infiltrate your imagination. Keep up the fantastic writing.

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      3. But, I have heard some stuff about it (from members of my immediate family reading about and discussing the movies) and it DID inspire some things in the Zion trilogy (such as the light sabers – one of my siblings got a real kick out of that!)

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      4. That reminds me of my opinion of Jurassic Park. The first movie is AWESOME, one of the best ever made. The second one, The Lost World: Jurassic Park… well, it is light entertainment at best. Not bad (the twin climaxes redeem it a little bit), but not great (unlike the original).

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      5. I only saw the first two JP movies (although I’m interested in seeing the others – even if just for the sake of it). As for Star Wars – I only saw the first half of A New Hope (YouTube didn’t have the rest at the time). I’ve seen the original Indiana Jones trilogy (well, I only saw the first half of Temple of Doom; the middle part was hard to sit through), but haven’t seen #4.

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      6. I love the first Jurassic Park as well. The second one was not as good, but I still enjoyed it – I just wish it was not so violent and that there was not so many deaths.

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