“What just happened?” Anastasia asked.

“I don’t know,” Alexei replied. “The portal closed, and David and Einstein did not come through. And I have no idea how to reopen the portal or how to create a new one.”

“And what about those reptilians?” Zipporah asked.

“How do we get to them?” Anne asked.


David dove to one side as one of the reptilians charged at him. Einstein scrambled to the other side. “YEHOVAH, I sure could use a solution!” he prayed. Then he had to roll on the floor as the second reptile swung a claw at him.


Ursula was meant to be watching Region 43, but had been up for several hours already and was fast asleep, so did not notice the situation developing in Region 43.


“Of course! Thank You, YAH!” Alexei said.

“What?” Veronica asked.

Alexei began to search the room. “We couldn’t teleport ourselves to here because none of us had one in the Underground Shelter. But we have teleporters here. I can teleport myself there, taking two spare teleporters for Dad and Einstein,” he explained. He then found what he was looking for and pulled out three portable teleporters.


Einstein had never felt such fear. The mere sight of them caused him to break out in a cold sweat. Einstein had ducked into the tunnel and had pressed himself against the wall. David was still dodging the two reptilians, who so far had not noticed that Einstein had hidden in the tunnel, which was not the best of hiding places.

He tried to move the rubble blocking the tunnel, but discovered that the rubble was too heavy for him to lift. YAH, what do we do? he silently prayed. Then YAH reminded him of something. There was one ‘blind spot’ with the cybernetic reptilians. The reptilians were constructed with several weapons to make it almost impossible to kill them, so Einstein and Hakkonson had created them with a ‘blind spot’ – the reptilians could not detect or see anyone approaching them from the right-hand side. On the right side of each of the reptilians was a button, that if pressed, would freeze the reptilians in place so that they were unconscious and could not move.

He just had to keep the right-hand side.


David stopped to make sure he was not seeing things. Alexei had suddenly materialized out of nowhere. But he should not have stopped. Searing pain suddenly spread through his body as he fell on the ground, withering in pain and clutching his shoulder. Pin pricks of black began filling his vision. Just before the black dots completely filled his vision, David saw a reptilian standing over him, one of it’s eyes beginning to glow red.



The reptilian swung around at the sudden interruption by an unfamiliar voice print. Alexei felt stupid. He had forgotten to bring weapons when he teleported because he had rushed to try and save his stepfather and Einstein. The other reptilian’s eye also began to glow red and also became brighter and brighter.

Alexei saw the reptilian that had wrecked David’s shoulder suddenly stop moivng. Actually seemed frozen in place. He bolted out of the way as the laser bolt struck the pavement near him. He was knocked off his feet. Alexei ran over to David, out of the corner of his eye he saw Einstein rushing over to the other reptilian. Alexei knelt beside David and almost vomited at the sight of the shoulder. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to calm his stomach. Opening his eyes, he put one of the teleporters in David’s hands and, aiming it at David, punched in the co-ordinates for Zion II and hit enter. David just vanished.


Alexei turned to see Einstein coming in his direction. Alexei straightened up and looked at the second reptilian, who was also standing still as rigid as a statue, like it was frozen in place. “What happened to those two?” he frowned.

“I’ll explain later. Shall we go?” Einstein replied. Alexei handed Einstein a teleporter, took the last one for himself and they typed in their destination and pressed enter.


Anne watched as Einstein and Zipporah took David to a hospital room. She then sat down infront of one of the computers. Alexei glanced at the screen as she typed, then stared at it. He quickly walked over and leaned down. “Are you sure about that?” Alexei whispered in her ear. Anne nodded without taking her eyes off the screen.

“We have to,” Anne replied. She then hit enter. The page vanished and, instantly, a live video from a security camera appeared in its place. Anne and Alexei watched the creatures running around. Alexei noticed some of the creatures tearing a building apart. Alexei gasped as a bright flash of light fills the screen. Then the video disappears and static fills the screen and in the middle of the screen, in capital red letters, the words kept flashing.


Alexei looked down and noticed tears in his mother’s eyes and saw she had a hand over her mouth. Alexei knelt down beside her and pulled her into a sideways hug, feeling tears welling up into his own eyes.

Zion was no more.


Ronald Carter surveyed the city. Some of it was, sadly, in ruins. Other parts had damage done to it. He had not wanted to damage the city, but it happened due to the battle with the Law Enforcers. Other rebellions had been happening across North America to try and break free from the League of Nations. And they had. Region 43 – a.k.a., Georgia – was the last one to break free in North America.

The people gathered around him, cheering, singing. Some were weeping for joy. Ronald turned to his father, Barry Carter. Barry had been the only one of Ronald’s surviving family to remember what things were like before the League was established. Ronald was only two when that had happened, so did not remember. “Dad, what’s the status of the TV announcement?” he queried.

“The television network has been hacked into,” Barry informed him. “We’re ready.”


Anastasia left the hospital room where David was. After they had cleaned the blood and loose bits of flesh away, they had discovered that when the reptilian had slashed at his shoulder, it’s claws had dug deep and the shoulder was quite a mess. Jeremiah, Anne, Wendy and Chuck bandaged him, but David was not going to be able to move his arm because of the shoulder. So Einstein was building a kind of prosthetic shoulder which would encompass all of David’s wrecked shoulder so that he could move his shoulder and arm easily and painlessly. Anastasia was heading for the Hospital Ward where Kyen was. She wanted to see how he and Doc/Andrew were going. In Zion II, the medical part was in the main building which also housed the Control Core and David’s, Anne’s, Alexei’s and Anastasia’s living quarters. Andrew came down the aisle towards her. “Hey, Andrew,” she greeted with a smile.

“Hey, Anastasia,” he greeted, looking tired, but gave her a smile. He came over to her. “How’s David and Einstein?” Anastasia told him about David’s shoulder and what Einstein was building for David’s shoulder. “Gee, that’s not good.”

“How’s he going?”

“He’s fine. Just resting,” Andrew informed her. He fell silent. “I saw him earlier, going to shoot you,” he commented quietly.

“Do you have any idea what could have caused that?” Anastasia questioned.

He shook his head. “Nah. Kyen never did anything like that in all the years I’ve known him,” he replied.

“Years?” Anastasia repeated. “Kyen told me different.” Wait. He knows his real name? Kyen said he didn’t know. Andrew did not seem surprised, but before he could reply, Veronica came running over to them.

“There’s an announcement on the TV! Important! Come on!” and she turned and ran off with Andrew and Anastasia following. They entered the Control Core that looked exactly like the one in Zion. Alexei, Zipporah, Fergus, Anne, Donald, and Einstein were already gathered in there, looking at the screens. Anastasia looked at the the screens and saw that lines crisscrossed the screens, dividing them into squares, which featured crowds of people with weapons and parts of cities behind them. And in each shot, someone in each of the crowd was waving the American flag.

“What’s going on?” Kyen asked, who had walked into the Core without anyone noticing.

“It appears these Americans have hacked into the global television network and this is definitely live,” Einstein informed him, having stopped work to come here.

“This is all of North America,” began a man, who was standing in the middle of a large crowd. “We are no longer under the League of Nations. We are prepared to fight you tooth and nail. Place one foot on our soil, and we’ll send you straight to hell. And we will not stop fighting until the League of Nations is completely obliterated.”

Fergus turned and left the room. Then the screen’s went blank. Fergus came back into the Core.

“David’s awake,” Fergus announced. ” He saw the broadcast on the TV in his room. He says that the other regions most probably follow suit and stand against the League of Nations and the League will wage a war against the rebels. He says that if that happens, we are going to fight alongside the rebels.”


Charles stared thoughtfully up at the sky. He heard someone walking up behind him softly. “Did you hear the broadcast?”

“Yes, Petrus,” Charles answered. “How did such a thing happen without the Surveillance Room noticing?”

“Well, with the people who were assigned to watch North America, they had been up for several hours prior, so had fallen asleep,” Petrus told him.

“Kill them and get replacements!!!” he shouted.

“Yes, Your Eminence,” Petrus agreed. “There is also more news from Surveillance. After the broadcast, other regions around the world have also broken free and there is heavy rumours that they are going to try and attack the Peak.”

“Well then,” Charles sighed, “we are officially at war.”


For all my new followers who have not read the start of this trilogy – Zion – who may want to know why Alexei calls his stepdad ‘Dad’ read this


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